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Hello World. What brought you into EOSIO?

Please introduce yourself.
What brought you into EOSIO?


Dive into EOS was an accident. But it’s the “beauty” that makes me staying here.



I was looking for a decentralized social platform in 2016, was following akasha a bit at the time - it was the only one on the radar. I would search every few months. Then steem appeared! I joined up there straight away, read Dan’s blogs and liked both the intent and the technology. I was looking forward to steem evolving into a smart contract platform so as soon as I heard about eos I was all in.


I envision a world with sound money, free markets, compassion, and equity, and I think EOS is a step in the right direction. I found this from your interview with Mike and Adam here: More Equal Animals - Mike Maloney, Dan Larimer & Adam Taggart - YouTube


I like @Sentient found this through Daniel Larimer’s interview with Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart regarding his book More Equal Animals.

I believe we need to build a new government and economy, and think a blockchain model as talked about in this interview is a great option to explore.


Also here because of the interview with Mike Maloney (and Adam Taggart).


low cost, high speed, high scale, good readability for account name

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  1. ‘intent of code is law’, NOT ‘code is law’, thus ‘Delegated Proof of Stake’, NOT ‘Proof of Stake’
  2. Scalable (low cost, low latency)

Side note: I’m really excited about the potential of EdenOS. we’ll have a good idea of how it’s going in about 6-9 months.

I just listened to Daniel Larimer’s interview by Mike Maloney and Adam Taggart. I want to promote his ideas about a truly democratic society, so I am getting involved.


I’m here for the same reasons and happy to see others are on the same wavelength.

My initial small investment of 2018. I signed up for Voice beta and found some insightful Crypto Writer posts that lead me to telegram and I started adding to my position and playing around with keys and accounts. Then started collecting EOS related tokens like Chex Dapp, IQ, EMT and started using DefiBox and Vigor.ai

The governance is what is super exciting.


It’s amazing to see so many new faces, Dan did a great job in the interview with Mike Maloney.
Make sure to join us in telegram for the weekly calls.