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Google Chrome Managed by your organization

Why does installing Anchor Wallet change my Chrome to be managed by your organization, whether it’s Mac or Windows.

I’ve run tests, and I’m sure it was the installation of the wallet

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There was a brief conversation about this here about 2 weeks ago:


It was something we added very early on when the integration with every external application required using an esr:// styled link to send transactions from the browser to Anchor. Each one required an additional click from the user, so we added a flag to Chrome to bypass that extra click.

It’s something we’re planning on removing at this point since we’ve made some good progress with the protocol and this is no longer quite as big of a headache as it was say 8 months ago.

The status/progress of its removal can be tracked here:

Thanks for answering!

Is there a good way to solve it now? Reinstalling Chrome will also show ‘managed by your organization’ message

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I’m not sure. I think you might be able to manually edit the registry (on Windows) to remove the setting it establishes, which can be found here:

I don’t think it’s possible to remove it on macOS right now, since it runs a command on startup to tell Chrome that the links are alright.

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