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EOS, take off with China (01)

— — The equal value exploration scheme of YLE system01


EOS is an excellent blockchain public chain, and has long been ranked first in the “Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index” issued by China CCID Research Institute. CCID Research Institute is directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and belongs to the top authority in China’s blockchain industry. Its recognition means that applications developed on the EOS public chain can enjoy the Chinese government’s industrial support policy for the blockchain.

The Chinese government’s awareness and attention to blockchain has been increasing in recent years, especially in 2019, when President Xi Jinping proposed that the country’s attention to blockchain development should be further enhanced after it was proposed that blockchain should be used as an important breakthrough in independent innovation in core technologies. On June 7, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the Office of Network Information Technology jointly issued the Guidance on Accelerating the Application and Development of Blockchain Technology, raising blockchain technology to the strategic height of the country’s new development, and specifying the development goals and key tasks of blockchain in China. This will have great significance for the future development of blockchain in China.

I’m (Topal) is a blockchain entrepreneur in China. The attention to the EOS public chain has been around for a long time. The high recognition of the EOS public chain is not only at the technical level, but to a greater extent, it is also at the level of feelings and ideals. I personally believe that EOS has the most potential for the global civilian public chain. The ultimate success of the blockchain must also depend on its civilian character. Therefore, all public chains with poor civilian characteristics and low degree of popularity will eventually become experimental products for punk elites or game products for capital, it can not be born killer applications, nor create new wealth across civilizations. The civilian nature of EOS is largely due to the equality concept of its core developer Daniel Larimer (BM). His feelings and ideas are clearly expressed in his monograph “More Equal Animals”.

BM’s concept of equality is actually in the same line as the concept of equal development of the Chinese government. Behind the emphasis on equality is the impact on social injustice. The unfair creation and distribution of wealth is the root of all injustice in this world. Today, the opportunity to change this injustice is ripe.

From a practical point of view, China wants to break through the siege of the international traditional capital power represented by the United States and Europe. It should not and cannot compete with Europe and the United States in the traditional stock wealth market. After all, they are the rule-makers of this market. , Occupies too much advantage. Direct competition is a last resort. The best strategy is to find new economic growth points, unite with developing countries around the world, and jointly expand the new wealth of the incremental market of this era.

In the global public chain market dominated by traditional capital and Bitcoin and Ethereum have an absolute advantage, if EOS wants to break the situation, it must also start with the new wealth of the incremental market, and use this new civilian wealth to create value, Gather popularity. With the value and popularity, the subsequent community governance will have real meaning.

In fact, this new wealth of incremental markets has long been embedded in blockchain technology and business models. It’s just that people still know him superficially. Let’s look at its basic principles first.

As can be seen from the above figure, every civilization transformation of human society is triggered by technological progress. Because technological progress has created new wealth across civilizations and laid a solid material foundation for the transformation of civilizations. Every transformation of civilization is actually realized because of the huge new wealth effect created by new technology and the surging economic power for the transformation. In other words, as long as human society enters a period of civilized transition, there must be a new kind of inter-civilizational wealth that has never appeared before.

The transformation from original civilization to agriculture civilization is due to the emergence of new wealth across civilizations like land. Agricultural civilization was transformed into industrial civilization because of the emergence of a new cross-civilization wealth such as intellectual property rights. So, today, if human society is in the third wave of transformation from industrial civilization to information civilization, as Toffler predicted, where is today’s new cross-civilization wealth and what is it? Is it NFT or something? This is our real valuable breakthrough. Whether China wants to break through or EOS wants to break the situation, it should make a fuss about this new cross-civilization wealth.

The creation and distribution of this new wealth will completely eradicate the millennia of unfair distribution of human wealth. Greatly alleviate or even eliminate the confrontation and conflict in the field of wealth creation and distribution, as well as the cannibalism of life and death among human beings for thousands of years.

When we dig and create this new wealth, we don’t have to touch the cheese of traditional wealth at all. The value of new wealth is hundreds of times higher than traditional wealth, and it is a differentiated development model that can easily achieve overtaking on corners. Once the EOS public chain adopts this model to break the situation, not only can it achieve self-salvation and rise and take off smoothly, but at the same time, it will also discover and expand new cross-civilization wealth for China, creating a low-threshold blockchain base. And when China develops on this base, the huge market and popularity can feed back EOS, realizing a win-win situation where the EOS public chain and China’s economic effects complement each other and share value.

Because of this, I called for EOS to take off with China.

What this article will explain is exactly how EOS broke the situation, how to make value breakthroughs, and how to join forces with China’s new economy to eventually become the theory and practice of the greatest civilian public chain.

(to be continued)



— — YLE系统的平等性价值探求方案



本人(Topal)是中国的区块链创业者。对EOS公链的关注,由来已久。对EOS公链的高度认可,不仅仅在技术层面,更大程度上,还是在情怀和理想层面。我个人认为,EOS最具全球平民公链潜质。而区块链的最终成功,也必须依赖其平民性。因此,所有平民性差、大众化程度低的公链,最终,都只会成为朋克精英的试验品,或资本的博弈品。诞生不了杀手级应用,也创造不了跨文明新财富。EOS的平民性,很大程度上,得益于其核心开发人员Daniel Larimer(BM)的平等性理念。他的这种情怀和理念,在其专著《更平等的动物》中,已经表达得很清楚了。













Great, he who wins the hearts of the people wins the world.The world needs fairness,Both EOS and China can bring fairness to ordinary people

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This is an exciting opportunity, for EOS ecology, for hundreds of millions of ordinary people and for the rise of China!