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EOS Driven NFT Marketplace Launching Soon #


Looking forward to getting involved in the EOS community again.

-Jaron Ray Hinds :space_invader:

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We are looking for a few good NFT minters who will be able to try our new creation tool. Please DM me and Ill share the URL. Thanks

Hey there!
Glad I found this. I just commissioned artists to create a new NFT library.
I wanted to create the first community art project on NFT. Maybe I can use your help.

  • Collector invests in original commissioned artworks. There are many artists with great talent out there, and very little buyers. By commissioning these artists, we help them in the everyday life.
  • The collector mints the NFT, and pays the artist for the work.
  • The NFT raise in value with the overall growth of the library, and the profit is reinvested in new commissioned art. This makes the project sustainable and gives exponential work potential.

What do you think ?
I would be happy to test NFT on EOS with my 5 original artworks :slight_smile:

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Greetings! Would be happy to talk to you and learn more. Ping me direct at jh@elevated.games and we can discuss your project. It sounds more like a DAO then an NFT but maybe Iā€™m missing something. Look forward to your response.


Thanks for your reply! Just messaged you !