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EOS Daily funded by Eden is now available in btea version. Welcome to experience

Related links:
Official website: https://eosdaily.net
Forum: https://bbs.eosdaily.net
Operation system: https://admin.eosdaily.net
Android App: https://admin.eosdaily.net/uploads/eosdaily.v0.1.apk
telegram: Telegram: Contact @EOSDailyOfficial
twitter: https://twitter.com/EOSDaily_
youtube: https://youtu.be/c3DGzI8wkTk

Future development: EOS Daily has no white paper or roadmap. EOS Daily only does things beneficial to EOS ecology. After the EOS Daily project is stable, it will open source all the source code of the project and hand it over to the community. The team will seek development in other areas of EOS ecology.

Thank you for your support and trust. EOS Daily will live up to your support!
At present, early email subscribers will have exclusive fixed value NFT and other rights and interests in the later stage. I hope I can get the support of the community. EOS Daily thanks you, and EOS community thanks you.

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