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Create new EOS Support group


EOS negative perception, Disgruntled Community continuously fixated on B1 support / token value

How can we improve EOS.io ecosystem and token value?

  1. Improved and focused positivity, support & collaboration

  2. EOS community to increase their use and promote EOS Blockchain and Dapps

  3. New idea creation, support new / future projects

  4. Channelling suitable projects through VC’s for improved investment uptake

  5. Promotion / ongoing support


By us all using and promoting the existing EOS dapps will help project owners /developers to increase their revenue stream thus allowing them to improve and promote, which in turn will bring in more users and increase the network affect further improving the Ecosystem and EOS tokens for all token holders.

This will also allow for the development of new Dapp projects again improving the whole ecosystem and its value for all.

  1. Create new support Telegram group for EOS community - For people Who are willing to help and support in all things EOS related (Blockchain / Dapp / DeFi development / testing, documenting, marketing, product support, VC Investment pitch deck proof of concept proposals, new ideas and advice etc)

  2. Discuss and propose best team collaboration tools for discussions and visibility i.e., Telegram, Slack

  3. Discuss and propose a list of EOS only projects (and project owners) who would benefit and welcome resource support from our group and to get their project fast tracked into production

  4. Create groups for project owners to pitch their project all in one place

  5. Organise volunteer community into various groups i.e. Moderators, Developers, designers, testers, project managers and each team outline their skill sets on a spreadsheet

  6. Define and agree on required criteria of project receiving support

  7. Create a poll and vote on best project to kick off

  8. Set Project leader and create team

  9. Set up weekly calls to firstly discuss best project/s to support ie most potential in mass adoption for the better of the EOS ecosystem and its community, potential token / profit share

  10. Assign PM

  11. Pm liaise with project owner organise work packages what and who required

  12. Agree work with owner and FT group

  13. Start work¸ Monitor, organise regular calls