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EdenOS Political Playoffs Set to Become the Biggest Spectator Sport

When you are randomly organized into a group you can either become enemies competing for the goal, or collaborators like the John@Boid, Luke, Yves, Hahn group. Other groups are full of manipulation and sacrifice. “More interesting that any reality show” per @lovejoy .
In the future…maybe a little further in the future…
People will WANT to watch the live broadcast of the political playoffs.
You may be rooting for or even against the candidate that won your group.

Consider each round and group as an episode and watch what transpires! All I know is I experienced and watched 3 1/2 episodes and I’M HOOKED…and I hate reality tv.
EdenOS Political Playoffs…available soon…get your NFT tickets for the next event to watch live.
Yes, March Madness for college basketball is cool, but May Mayhem in the EdenOS is going to be EPIC!


I feel like live streaming could be a bad idea, as it creates the temptation for those inside to be contacted in real time by those in the meeting effecting their decisions. It should remain private till the decision is made.

I agree. As an introvert I enjoyed the elections and was surprised to be elected twice. I think in a real Eden OS election, with 10 instead of 4 people in a zoom meeting it will be more challenging and feel more time pressure. Knowing that others can watch it live adds more stress and might affect others in the meeting. I prefer the videos to be released after the meeting as it was in the current test run.


My participation with Eden was a great experience. During consensus building, I learned a lot from EOS community members. EOS members in our group had an extraordinary idea of how to work together as a team to better the EOS community. Eden would revolutionalize how we interact with each other as a society. I am very interested to see where Eden will take blockchain as a whole. Attached is an article written by one of the community members in my group. EdenOS Alpha Test Results and Experiences - Cryptowriter

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Not the first positive comment I’ve heard about this process from an introvert. Not sure if I’m an introvert or an outsider. :sunglasses: :small_airplane: Probably a bit of the first and a lot of the second. And I agree, time pressure will be felt, especially in later rounds of official elections.

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Indeed, our group just kept pressing ideas. Even after selecting you as our representative, the conversation maintained its focus on the betterment of the EOS community.

I agree that the live streaming should not influence the active edenos elections. I think about it like a one-way glass watching the event but not being influenced by the audience.

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