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EdenOS Mediation and Arbitration

Hi All,

I have been a part of the EOS Community for a while now; mostly lurking in Telegram channels to keep myself updated. I was recently considering how I could help the project as a whole given my legal background as an attorney as well as training in arbitration and mediation. I currently practise in the Caribbean and specialise in corporate governance as well as civil and criminal matters.

One of the aspects which I believe the project is missing is the formalisation of the arbitration and mediation rules if disputes were to occur. Essentially (and correct me if Iā€™m wrong), the arbitration and mediation system is not really present at the moment. Since this is a critical aspect of any broad and multi-stakeholder project, I would like to lend a hand to assist others if they are developing a system. If nobody else is developing one at the moment then I would like senior members of the Community to reach out to me so that I can dedicate some time to begin designing one.

Looking forward to getting some feedback from you all.



Thank you for offering your services, and I hope they can be put to use!


Thanks, hopefully I posted it in the right section for someone to notice


Fantastic added value. Thanks YJN!


Since I did not receive any feedback I went ahead and drafted some Draft Mediation Rules for a potential EdenOS Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service. The content of the Rules has been taken both from the US and UK and is original content. This is just a first step.

If I receive any positive feedback from the Community, I will draft the associated documents such as the various forms and fee tables. I might even take it a step further and develop Arbirtration Rules as well.



This is great work and adds value.
Can you make a tl;dr one page, less formal to explain in not so precise terms? That one page could be helpful for people who are deterred from reading such a technical paper. (I did read it all)