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EdenOS Alpha Test

Before the roll out of EdenOS, The EdenOS team is planning an alpha test phase of the political playoffs election process. We’re going to collect initial feedback to help us with the development of EdenOS. We’re building exciting tools to help automate the processes required to build a vibrant and engaged Eden community. Ensuring a smooth election process is a critical element and we want to do our best to get it right.

The test will be handled 100% manually, without any dependency on the current iteration of EdenOS smart contracts and its UX. Our volunteers will be facilitating the election process and offering assistance during the event.

For this alpha test, we would like to invite 100 or more participants to participate in a live practice of the political playoff and provide direct feedback following the event. To give us a better idea of how the event will actually work when the Eden Community holds its first official election, we are offering 1000 EOS to the winner.

This will hopefully encourage everyone to take things seriously and help us to better prepare for future elections. The 1000 EOS is awarded in the same spirit as we expect to see during an official election. We expect the winner will use the EOS in what they feel is the best interest of the Eden community and the greater EOS community.