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Eden Sponsored Internships

Eden could fund paid internships for computer science graduates that are interested in gaining profesional experience and get started on a blockchain career path. Internships could be 6 months long after which devs “graduate” and can apply to work with established teams on EOS and grow the ecosystem.

What would interns work on ?

The internship will focus on learning “hands on” by creating cool projects for the Eden Community. Ideas for projects, proof of concepts, MVPs etc, would come from the eden community. Eden members can also decide which projects would have the greatest impact and have the interns focus on them.

Who would lead the interns ?

Guidance from established dev teams such as EOS Costa Rica can help teach interns the required skills.

Why fund internships?

This would help foster a healthy developer ecosystem and have new devs discover the power of building EOS.

  • Build a talent pool of EOS developers
  • Supply qualified dev teams to work on other eden member’s projects
  • Create developer training resources
  • Providing opportunities for aspiring students who wish to learn about blockchain

Where would inters come from ?

Any technical university student, especially those that already include an internship program as a pre-requisite to graduate. Applicants would preferably be fluent in English and would be interviewed and selected according to their skillsets for the program.


I think this is an amazing idea for keeping a fresh stream of new developers.

How would we ensure these funds will go to real inters and prevent false applicants?

There would need to be some checks and balances put in place . My initial thoughts are by combining agile methodologies with a supervisory committee that pays people based on progress. Very similar to how software development is managed in many firms.

  • All Interns interviews would need to be recorded and would need to be eden members if selected.
  • All projects must be assigned a “product owner” who participates in planning and provides acceptance criteria for features. This is a non-technical role and will represent the projects being developed.
  • Team plans 2 week work “sprints” with a selection of “user stories” they agree to focus on.
  • Bi-weekly demo calls are scheduled to show progress (all eden members welcome to demo calls)
  • All projects must be open source so contributions can be seen by all eden members.
  • A Quality Assurance QA team can be appointed to test features before they are considered done.
  • Payments would be made on a monthly basis prior to review and msig approval by committee.
  • A discretionary payment can be made only if project’s acceptance criteria is met.

Definitely still more to think about regarding how to best manage software development teams funded by eden.The first couple of projects should be small and low budget as they may provide some valuable lessons that can be applied for larger projects once the community is satisfied with how it all works.


I like this idea but the most important part I think is

  1. who will manage it, do they have experience managing this kind of program, how much do they need to be paid to make it worth their time? EOS Costa Rica might be a great pick but we have to make sure they have the time and manpower to manage this.
  2. A defined curriculum for interns to follow and a list of easy tools/projects that they could build or contribute to that would benefit the EOS community quickly.

imo as long as they can write code and can communicate with someone who is managing the program then probably multilingual is ok. Problem is most of the documentation is in english.

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