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DON'T FIGHT FUD! Fighting FUD = Reinforcing FUD = Spreading FUD

Instead of putting attention toward the FUD (especially non-formed arguments), everytime you see FUD you tweet (not reply) something positive about EOS, etc.

The human brain connections don’t understand the word “no” or “not” or negatives at all, and even defending FUD is causing the attention to be placed squarely on the FUD. This builds associations with the FUD, even if you defend it.

Fighting FUD = Reinforcing FUD

Furthermore, this causes FUD to blow up, as your response triggers algorithms that now say this is important content to show.

Fighting FUD = Spreading FUD

So instead engage HEAVILY with positive EOS content on social to trigger algs. That means comments, RTs, shares, all of these things. Now we’re spreading positivity not negativity.

Arguing or defending is a natural reaction, but IMO the worst one.

The BEST thing to do is create new brain connections in the reader by placing a positive association, anchored in something that you want to grow, like showing our tech, our DeFi Dapps, Eden, etc.

This is my opinion. I truly believe it so I share it. Do what you wish.