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Can't import a private key

Hello! I’m just trying now to import my wax account in the Anchor Wallet but I can’t succeed. I take my private key from blocks.io than format it to the old format and then put into the wallet. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me?

The interesting thing is that I’ve already this procedure before and everything was fine. I deleted my account from Anchor Wallet to re-install it because it kept on saying that I had the invalid private key (and re-installation helped before), so I’ve successfully deleted my wallet and now I can’t import the key again :frowning:

But now it says: Failed to locate an account
The account name or public key could not be found.
When I’m trying to import the account

Apologies for the delayed response on this one.

You said you “took a key from bloks.io” - I don’t think that’s your private key. Bloks never has access to your private key, it just has a private key generator which creates random private keys.

Are you trying to import a WAX cloud wallet account? If so, those are managed accounts and you can’t actually access the private keys for those accounts.

I can recover my account through the wax account that generated it ???

No, you can’t use one account to recover another. The public/private keys themselves that were used to create the account are the only ones that can control a new account.

I have wax cloud account. When I created the account saved my private key. I am trying to migrate to Anchor wallet but my private key doesn’t work. I understand wax cloud wallet is a bit centralized but what is the reason I can save my original private key if it is not usable later. How can I migrate from Wax cloud wallet to Anchor? Any idea?
Also I was thinking ok migration is not possible so let’s make a new account on Anchor but I don’t have iPhone…is there anyway to create new account on Anchor if you don’t have iPhone?

I don’t think you can migrate an existing WAX cloud wallet to Anchor. From what I know you don’t actually get the private keys to the account itself. You’d have to create a new account and then move your assets from the old account to the new one (I think?).

We’re working on this. Right now iOS is the only place our account creation platform is available, but we’re working right now to expand that to Android, Desktop, and the web in general.