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Cannot Sell RAM on inactive accounts

I have a couple accounts that I used to vend with on AtomicHub that have quite a bit of WAX bought in RAM. One is about 50 WAX all the way to 15 or so. I do not have any NFTs or any open contracts that I know of but I cannot sell the RAM because ever since I stopped using the wallets the RAM has stayed at a constant 99% so there is no free RAM to sell.

Does anyone know what could cause it to stay so high? Or how I could lower it myself so that I could sell the RAM and get my WAX back?

I think wax.bloks.io used to have something like that when you’re viewing an account. A “RAM Explorer” type feature. I’m looking, but I don’t see it anymore.

I think that’s the sort of application you’d be looking for. I don’t know of one right now but it certainly would be nice to have one online.

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i will look and see if i can find a tool that does this if i cant find it on bloks maybe theres some kind of dapp to view it. Thanks so much, RAM Explorer sounds like exactly what i need

Thanks! I found it https://wax.eosauthority.com/ I really really appreciate it. I couldnt have found it without you. Just googling RAM Explorer WAX led me there!

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