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Building a BP scoreboard

Hey guys :wave:

As we all know, the current BP rankings on EOS are far from representing how efficient and dedicated to the network BPs really are. Many BPs in the Top21 ignore completely the project and are there only to make money on the EOS inflation while there are numerous BPs bringing a lot of value to EOS and don’t get the ranking and rewards they deserve.

I think that building a scoreboard for the BPs could be a great way :

  • to keep the community and the new comers informed of which BPs are worth voting for

  • to give great ideas to those who want to build new proxies on EOS, maybe even for the Eden one, if one ever is launched.

This scoreboard could have the form of a simple table with the top 80 BPs (for example) in rows and variables like Social network activity, Infrastructure quality (with the help of the EOS Nation’s Producer Scorecard, Proxy, Eden presence, some others (comment if you have ideas), and finally a subjective rank (or not) in columns.
Below is a very simple table I made on Excel in June with as an example the Top3 BP at the time. This is purely to show what it could look like, don’t pay attention to how I filled the boxes, it might be wrong

The goal is obviously to make it as precise as possible while keeping it simple to read. The reader should in the end understand who he’ll be voting for and understand how the rankings were made.

For now I’m building it by going on Bloks.io and checking one by one if the social networks are active, the EOS Nation Scorecard changed, … Nothing is automated and it’s a bit time consuming, so if I would manage this myself, I would update this scoreboard something like every 2 weeks / once a month.

The goal of this post is mainly to get your thoughts on the scoreboard, if you would find it helpful and if so how to make it as good as possible. But also to see if some of you would want to manage this scoreboard with me. Feel free to join the dedicated tg group if you want to help.

Thanks for reading, take care :fist_right: :fist_left:


I like this initiative very very much. Thank you for stepping up. In my opinion exactly something like this is missing for the public to see. I would really love to see this linked on the eoscommunity.org website

If you need help to update the scoreboard, tell me what to do and I can help to check the BP’s all 1-2 weeks and update it

If we can list as well all the plus efforts each BP has done in the past, is doing now and the intent to do in the future for EOS, would advance the scoreboard


Thanks Dario for proposing your help, I keep this in mind :slight_smile:
Yes indeed, I also think showing the BPs efforts could be great ! After I get some feedback I’ll start building a fresh version of the scoreboard and will send it to the community before uploading it officially.


Hey Vince,
I will in all cases add a link to this BP scorecard in the MindMap (when the location will be known). And I will suggest an hyperlink on the bp name pointing to bp.validator of EOSN. Let organize a zoom call one of those days with other people involved in this.

Great tool for the community! Go EOS!


Nice Patrick thx ! A call would be nice indeed :slight_smile:

Definitely a much needed tool for eos.


This is indeed a good idea, EOS provids BP need rewards and punishment mechanism


good idea, right now punishment is must for eos bp.

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Absolutely support! Any spread need please contact me.

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Check out EOSRate.io. On chain rating system for BPs


EOSRate.io, What an amazing work!
Open-source dApp, Rating BPs on EOS blockchain, Has completed more than one year, Dynamic graphics, Introduction video!
But it’s absecent spread, little people know this, and maybe it’s better add some new function.

So I have some suggestions for reference:

1.Add some new functions
----1.1 Everyone can comment each BP, just like amazon commodity. So there are more information to support to more effective rating, then more EOS holders will join in rating.
----1.2 Work with EOS Nation’s Producer Scorecard , and Alohaeos Block Producer Reliability Tracker, consolidate some useful functions. And that would be great if any EOS fans could facilitate this cooperation.
----1.3 Optimize the rating display style, to make it more clear at a glance and more convenient to use

2.Spread to more EOS voters
----2.1 Work with eosauthority.com and Bloks.io, and other platforms, embed this rating into the voting and proxies, to better play the role of the BP rating
----2.2 Embed this BP rating in to official website: https://eoscommunity.org/

Your team has done such a great job, the suggestions if help, are all for fully releasing the power of BP rating. And EosEden will try the best to spread it!


Hey Vince! This is really great so thank you for taking the time to put up this post and engage the community!

I am hoping to help launch an “Eden Members Proxy” and with that would be looking to aggregate metrics from various sources to feed the decision matrix that selects the BPs to be voted for. So with that I would also be willing to help you build and maintain this list as one of the inputs. Additionally I am looking to use the eosrate.io list but will see about focusing it on responses by Eden members only.

Regardless please add me to your list of folks who are willing to help. Ideally there will be a few of us that can form a working group to spread the work, but also deliver a comprehensive list and review of BPs.

Thanks again Vince,


Thanks Chris for your comment, I would love to make a working group and get the help from the community. I will add you and other folks that want to help to a telegram group this will be a good start. I tested eosrate.io and it’s just awesome, it will for sure help a lot !

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That’s just awesome job I love it, the BP scoreboard looks now like the missing piece of the puzzle to make BP voting great again :slight_smile:

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