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Block.one negotiations - Statement from Greymass

As a large contributor to the development of the EOSIO ecosystem and a block producer since the genesis of EOS, our team wanted to take a moment to outline our stance on the current situation regarding the negotiations with Block.one.

It’s our belief that the network is within its rights to modify the system contract that controls the vesting schedule of the unclaimed tokens. Greymass will sign the msigs if required, despite not being a part of the top 21 and casting a consensus deciding vote. We however are optimistic that this may not be needed, since Block.one has been willing to discuss options and recently announced its intentions publicly.

The one piece still lacking commitment is specifically the EOSIO IP, which includes the EOS brand, logo, and trademarks. It also includes licensing on certain code which may stifle development efforts. These assets being in the control of Block.one still represent risks and uncertainty for the future of the EOS blockchain, which still need to be resolved.

Both EOS and EOSIO are entering a new era of community driven leadership. For that to be truly successful, it’s going to need the appropriate assets and resources - once of which is the IP. These negotiations are critical to set the groundwork for this next chapter of EOSIO, with the help of organizations like the ENF, Eden, Helios, and potentially even Block.one.

We would urge Block.one to find a solution and express their willingness regarding the IP of EOS/EOSIO. Both trust and patience are wearing thin, and these negotiations are detracting from all the other positive events in our ecosystem today.


Thank you for communicating with the community.
You have my vote!


My vote u also have!

Aaron I think your voice should be more public than this. Twitter perhaps. I am thankful for your leadership and for the randomness that chose you.

hi i got a problem. i dont wanna bother to slip to sign. can i cancel the permission, so bothering doing any step.

hi i got a problem. i dont wanna bother to slip to sign when using anchor wallet. can i cancel the permission, so bothering doing any step.