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Auto Powerups now available eospowerup.io

I have added a page to make it easy to manage your automated EOS Powerups. You can deposit funds and then register accounts you would like for the system to monitor. When those monitored accounts fall below the thresholds you set, they automatically receive resources and the cost of the resources (+ 1% fee) is deducted from your deposited balance.

Check it out! eospowerup.io

On the backend, the Boid Validator nodes are running scripts which monitor registered accounts and push resource management actions.

Building this service would be very difficult without the excellent tools and APIs provided by @teamgreymass.

It would be great to hear feedback and/or questions which could inform the development of additional functionality. Thanks!

My next goal is to add Scatter/TP/Wombat login support.


Very great job, I love it!


Scatter Auth added today, this will auto-login on mobile wallets like Token Pocket + Wombat as well


Great work John. This is a charm.


It looks similar to the gadgets provided by chintai. chintai is more complicated but has many functions. eospowerup.io is more concise and easy to use.


You did a very nice Job!

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The free powerups are paid for by donations.

I have various mechanisms implemented which help to prevent abuse. In the future I might need to implement captcha as well. Anyone can donate EOS to “eospowerupio” with the memo “donation” to help keep the service alive.

Love it! checking it out now, very useful tool as it takes a way the risk of an important account running a script with a key that can potentially drain all their liquid funds.

def a super useful tool very well done to the team! we tried adding the bot to our discord but its not functioning anyone can assist us with some tips?

Thanks for this again and keep up the great work!

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Yes I’ve had issues with it in public channels but it works reliably if you DM the bot.
I’m open to open sourcing the Discord bot if any dev out there cares to help improve it.