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Android anchor error found

Can’t change owner key in android anchor. There seems to be an error in signing the transaction with the active key even when the owner key is selected as the owner key change permission.

Hello, so if I understand correctly you have both your active and owner permissions loaded in the wallet? And the issue is that you are currently only able to sign with one of them? If you could share some screenshots or a gif showing the issue that would be much appreciated.

All are loaded. The transaction was signed with the owner key, but there seems to be an error in actively signing.!

We are talking about signing a transaction, right? Logging in to sites like bloks.io works fine with both permissions? If that’s the case, would it be possible to get the esr that you are trying to sign with the active key (if not, maybe let me know where this transaction was created and I’ll try to get my own esr there)? The last thing that would help me debug this is to know what happens exactly when you try to sign the transaction with the active key.

Just for reference, you can’t change the owner key with the active key. It would require using the owner key to change the owner key.