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Anchor Wallet Wax Atomichub Mobile Signature Functionality (No Prompt)


I’ve searched a few other Wax/Atomic related posts but didn’t find an exact match.

I recently setup a new Wax wallet on Anchor and it is working perfectly from desktop.

On mobile I am able to login and create the session in my Anchor IOS app, but each time I attempt to buy/commit a transaction through a mobile web browser for Atomichub.io I get stuck.

The webpage prompts ioS to open the Anchor wallet, but when the wallet opens it just shows the normal Anchor main screen (QR code, accounts button, sessions button). There is no prompt to approve the transaction.

I have:

-Verified the login is showing propertly on the accounts and sessions buttons in the Anchor app
-Restarted the phone
-Restarted browsers and the mobile app
-Retried different purchase/commit buttons on atomic hub

No luck. Any advice? Thanks in advance!