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Anchor wallet phone

today i try to trans my eos on phone

anchor wallet :

http 502 at /v1/chain/get-abi

pls show me how to fix it ?

One of our API servers has been experiencing some issues that we’re working to resolve, which is likely the cause of this problem.

Try again, and I think it should work. We’ve rerouted traffic around the server having problems

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I have Anchor wallet on my Phone, it is with biometric’s, I want to open that account on the web version. after pushing in all 24 + 6 words, it is asking for password wich I do not have set. and the other option is with privat key, on the phone I do only find a private key QR code wich I cant scan with the computer. the is no code with51 signed starting with 5. How do I get this web version running?

By the web version, do you mean the “desktop” version found here?


If so, 2 different kinds of private keys are accepted by desktop:

  • Keys that start with 5 and is 51 characters long.
  • Keys that start with PVT_K1 and is more than 51 characters long.

Immediately after you start Anchor desktop, before you can do anything else, it asks you to setup a password :thinking:

If you didn’t remember setting it up, and you do NOT have any keys imported, you can go to Tools → Reset Application (upper right button). This will wipe ALL data from the wallet and let you start all over again, setting a new password and importing your keys or using your owner key certificate.