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Anchor wallet can't backup

Hello, I’m trying recover my wax account, I go to backup json file but it keeps on loading and nothing happens. What do I do?

First thing I’d do is make sure you’re on the latest version of Anchor. We’re up to 1.3.2 I believe as of today.

If the error still persists, there’s probably an error occurring, which is why it’s just loading and nothing is happening. If you go into the “View” menu on the menubar, there is a “Toggle Developer Tools” section you can toggle on. It’ll open a new window with multiple tabs, look in the “Console” section and there you should see some red errors.

If you can relay those errors to us here on the forums, or send an email to support@greymass.com, we can make sure we get whatever bugs you may be encountering fixed so you can do the restore of the wallet.