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Anchor unstake error

I got the following error when unstaking( 5 EOS on CPU and 2 EOS on network are still staked):
“Decoding error at root.authorization<permission_level[]>.0.permission: Unexpectedly encountered undefined for non-optional ()”.

Anchor 1.2.0 migrated from eos-voter 0.7.9 on Macbook Catlina(10.15.7)

How can fix this?

I responded to you here:


Thanks Aaron. I deleted wallet and imported via private Key as u suggested. It’s getting better now. I am able to un-stake token that was staked to NET. But got different error when unstake CPU even there is 5 EOS still staked there. The error is " Insufficient Network Resources (CPU) This account currently lacks the required network resources to perform this transaction.Address this issue by performing one of the following, then try again:Rent more CPU using the Resources interface and try again.Wait for your existing CPU to replenish within the next 24 hours."… So how many EOS is needed to be staked for CPU? I thought 5 EOS would be enough or I should try in next 24 hours as suggested in the warning message?

Wait for your existing CPU to replenish within the next 24 hours.

If you upgrade to 1.2.0 - it should handle all of this for you, either by providing the resources for free or prompting for a fee to complete the action.

5 EOS staked isn’t going to be enough to do much of anything. Staking and REX are being phased out slowly right now and you’d probably need 40 staked to perform a staking operation.

The other alternative would be to go to eospowerup.io and enter your account name. It’ll use the new PowerUp system to rent a bit of CPU/NET for your account for 24 hours. Using that you’d then be able to unstake everything.

Great. eospowerup.io solves the issue. Thank you Aaron!