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A draft design of the support center to help users have been scammed

  1. Non-police involved.

  2. Eden elected members as the support center members and use Eden process to judge whether a case is a real scam.

  3. When People open a scam case, they need to stake some EOS, such as 100 EOS. Payback 50 EOS to them and 50 EOS give support center members when the case is confirmed. If they are cheating, the EOS they staked will be 50 EOS send to Eden and 50 EOS to support center members. If the evidence is not enough to judge, then 50 EOS send to support center members and 50 EOS back to them.

  4. People who open a case should update their evidence as detail as possible and laid their email address, phone number, etc.

  5. The support center members should try their best to contact the suspect and record. And give them chance to defend.

  6. If happens a misjudgement, the support center member should immediately help to reactive the account. and Eden should pay some eos as compensation, such as 100 EOS. And frozen the account that scam the support center.

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