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Why does work exist?

How is it that we literally spend our entire adult life working and yet we seldom stop and think about work itself? I for one, haven’t spent much of my career thinking about work, rather, I killed myself working. Funny how we work without thinking about work, ain’t it? How is it that we keep on running, sometimes in never-ending professional circles, and yet we forget - or we never start - to reflect on why we started running in the first place?

Why work?

As I write these words, this summer, the summer of 2021, marks my 20th professional year working in the tech industry. I started working professionally in the summer of 2001, as a linux administrator and haven’t looked back since. Until recently. As I approached this milestone in my career, I decided to give the concept of work a lot of my attention. I’ve been going deep, as deep as possible into what work is, why it exists and how work actually works. Especially in the tech industry.

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