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When will the Android version come out

When will the Android version come out


When Android version released, we are also looking forward to

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I am told that it is not easy to develop android version with limited resource, but android version will be more helpfule for us…

It’s close to an open beta. Expect some news soon.


If can support Chinese, I love it

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Hi, i downloaded today Android Anchor wallet. Is this maybe a fake? Beta build 0.16
I imported three accounts via QR code.
Than i recognized that there is no security step to secure the wallet. I need to know if it is a Anchor wallet or not. Maybe i have to change the keys

If you installed it from here, then it is our real wallet - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greymass.anchor

There is no way to set a password currently, but the app will use your device’s secure enclave to store the private keys. If you have a fingerprint sensor on your device and select the Biometry option when importing an account then the secure enclave should prompt you for your fingerprint every time you sign a transaction or export the private key.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. Would be nice if you can still change this, or at least so that the private key is protected before watching/sending with a password and/or G2FA.

If you have a fingerprint sensor, storing your private keys with the biometric security option should already be pretty secure. We appreciate the feedback though and want to add a password option at some point, but that may take some time as it would require us building our own keychain plugin as the one that we are currently using doesn’t support using passwords.