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When anchor wallet dissapears


Im using anchor wallet on macos desktop.

If in years anchor goes out of business, how do i revover my eos into another wallet, only having the certificate and encryption words ?

Do i need to do something extra?

How to convert certificate to private key?

I do hope anchor stays here for the long run.


I’m not sure about the certificate, i never used it.

When using Anchor you can click on backup button into home tab or if you go into manage wallet then view wallet on any wallet you can see its private key.
Anchor won’t “go out of business” because it’s open-source (https://github.com/greymass/anchor) even if Greymass go bankrupt you will be able to use it and to not rely on them you can change the default node Anchor will use into manage blockchain.

The code on how to decrypt those keys is public:

A tool could be made pretty easily to decrypt the contents of the certificate and output the owner key. We have talked about doing it ourselves, but haven’t found the time yet. If Anchor ever ceases to exist, this library would be the foundation of a tool to allow extracting of those keys, sort of like the tools you see to extract keys for Ledger devices.