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What would you like Eden On EOS to fund?

Please leave a comment with your list of EOS-based initiatives that you would like funded.

It’s helpful if you also mention a specific budget or amount of funds that you would like to see allocated as well as mention or tag the main contact person(s) who is leading the initiative.

Links to any project proposals, executive summaries, or pitch decks are also encouraged.


Simply Powerful Tool for Creating New EOS Accounts


Shape the “Meta Eden” repo on Github into a garden of ideas.


Create a freelancing platform built on EOS and governed by Eden.


Please fund tipit which is tipping application that easily brings people into EOS by allowing tipping on social platforms including twitter, telegram, discord, twitch, github, and tipit.io. We support over 70 EOS and eosio based tokens mostly on EOS and also on Telos and WAX.
Currently we are working on NFT support to provide the absolutely easiest way to generate NFT’s and instantly make the available to sell on our supported social platforms.
I’m the contact person and can provide more information as needed.


Fund paid internships for computer science graduates that can learn to build on EOS with guidance from established technical team’s. The internship will focus on learning “hands on” by creating cool projects for the Eden Community.

This would help build a talent pool of EOS developers, provide dev teams to build other eden member’s projects, create developer training resources while providing opportunities for aspiring students who wish to learn about blockchain.

More about this idea here: Eden Sponsored Internships


EOS User Support: Platform to provide support for EOS users.

Click To Read More About EOS User Support


I don’t know if this really fits into funding Eden but it would be nice to get a crypto influencer invited into Eden so he could share his experience with a big following and support what Eden on EOS is doing. Just a thought


Ciao all…
we have developed a fully on chain mutual betting platform called betnow io
We have participated to the latest hackathon and made it to the featured project, unfortunately we have received any funding

Contract is already deployed on the EOS public chain and front end is ready, the funding is needed to get some legal support in order to be compliant to operate

Thanks a lot :pray::pray::pray:



A user friendly wallet recovery service. Eosinabox relies on a custodian to help users change their active leys if they switch phones. A process for verifying the user’s identity is needed to make sure their account is protected from fraudalent key change requests.


Full history node distributed system standard. This is a challenge for the EOS mainnet since it requires expensive hardware.

I propose a different way to attack the problem of “full history” and have a collection of servers with different filters on them that will each have a complete history of a subset of the EOS data.

These can be created for specific developer’s requests and will be orders of magnitude smaller and cheaper to spin up. They will be useful only for the developer who created them since they will concentrate on their specific use case.

This can be either a Saas (Software as a service) with an income stream shareable between the operator of such a service and Eden, with perhaps a freemium tier or just an open source project that developers can use on their own infrastructure if it is thoroughly documented.


Here’s a project proposal list. It’s not prioritized, but it’s a good start!



How much EOS are you looking for initially?

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How much funding are you looking for initially?

What are the main benefits of betnow.io for the EOS community?


EOS Bees :honeybee: is a proposal to fund the EOS community so we can promote beyond our borders, marketing “outreach” work.

Promote #eos to earn $eos

Our marketing mission is to:

  • engage FUD
  • correct misconceptions
  • promote EOS benefits in a respectful, non-aggressive manner.

Our community mission is to build communication bridges between the prominent languages in the EOS community.

We follow the Bee Code:

  • No insults
  • No inciting negative reactions
  • Disagree using questions

EOS Bees uses a fractal organizational structure to empower Bees to be independent, yet accountable.

Learn about how it works here

Discuss/ask questions here

Watch interview here
Watch NovaCrypto interview here

View Mindmap here

Apply here


I think this friend’s suggestion is well worth considering and is something that will help EOS in the long run, though not necessarily with strong short-term results, but very important.



if image fails: Telegram: Contact @EdenOSinfo


(quickly chosen name- please suggest other)

A Blockchain Portal and Battle Test arena.

  • i. Visit and use the site like any other on the web
  • ii. EOS wallet much like WAX
    • iia. Encourage users to progressively own their EOS wallet
  • iii. Ask for wallet logn and/or email via gamified-leveled access
  • iv. Participation Points (redeemable via a pool of EOS/USD)
    • iva. 1st level points just for visiting and browsing
    • ivb. 2nd level points for email/social login
    • ivc. 3rd level points for EOS cloud wallet
    • ivd. 4rth level points for EOS wallet ownership
  • v. Membership Rewards
    • va. Encourage dapps to contribute EOS and EOSIO tokens to separate pools only available to members
  • vi. Battle Test and Contain all negative perception about EOS, EdenOS, and persistent rumors

Fund distribution

  • 10% rewards, incentive, marketing
  • 50% development
  • 20% administrative
  • 30% TBA (to be allocated via startup team discussion)

We are looking for less than 100k USD, mainly legal support and marketing.
Development side we are cover.
I believe the EOS ecosystem will benefit from betnow io as we will be one of the first fully on-chain dapp that could really demonstrate the power and scalability of EOSIO technology (hope it could attract other developments too)
In fact such a dapp won’t work on other blockchain like Ethereum…
We can schedule a call anytime if you want more details :+1::+1::rocket::rocket:


Proposal: “NovaCrypto Synergy”
Aka: NCOSynergy
Fund allocation:
NovaCrypto 》EOS Bees 》EOS Support

“Maximally Independent and Synergetic Ecosystems On EOS”


  1. EOSIO Swiss Workshops
    6 per year every 2 month
    MindMap updated
    EOS Writer article
    Next stop:
    Sept. 23rd 10 interviews!
    Dec. 9th surprise!
    2022 Start season 3!

    This content exist since April 2020


  2. Special Latam
    Starting October 23Rd with
    Maurice Vanegas

  3. Mindweb.io End Q4 2021 first Version
    Collaborative Online Platform MindMap-based on EOS with MindMaping Market Place
    Link with other Educational Platform on EOS

Promo video
Pitch video

Work mode
NovaCrypto LLC core is totally under the responsibility of Patrick Bernard Schmid. The company in the state of Startup is acting since February 2018, autonomously in order to choose the appropriate partners and as much as possible independent in order to have the maximum freedom.

Patrick Bernard Schmid is the sole developer for the points 1-3. No subcontractors. I need to have the solution working as my intent is.

Budget allocation (dispatched on 3 months)
October 9th 2021until December 31 2021

  • For the point 1+2: 80 hours
  • For the point 3: 160 hours

NovaCrypto LLC will inject own funding to stay
on cashflow the time Eden funds are coming.
And to not be dependent of the arrival, delay of
the funds.

The point 3 has possible integration with EOS Bees and
also with EOS Support.

Latest work
**Marketing EOS Bees


The EOS FR group (4 Eden members including myself) will compete for funding tomorrow !
Everything you need to know here : Eden 1st official election : Electoral program of the EOS FR project
:wave: :wave: :wave:

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