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What is the value of EOS?

Is EOS a good coin?
EOS is a good system, right?
But today
1EOS = 0.001662 ETH
1EOS = 2.6898 ADA
1EOS = 0.01156 BNB

I’m really worried
EOS is really becoming garbage
Everyone says it’s a scam!!

Now EOS is everyone’s ridicule

You wouldn’t ask whether it was “good” if you used it.
Speculating price is different. Using the token, is also different.
If you want to know whether or not it is “good”, try use some of the DAPPS available on EOS and compare it…to others like ETH… not ADA (they dont have a singular dapp)

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Are you comparing yourself to ADA now?
ADA marketcap $43,823,245,899
EOS marketcap $3,515,190,268
how many times the difference?
Can you explain why?

EOS is good, but why is ADA 12.5x more expensive?
What is your opinion?

Its simple…the market isn’t rational (and highly manipulated)
90+% of crypto is really just gambling…

As you’ve just pointed out there’s a huge difference between market caps, how is it that ADA is so highly valued when there are NO APPLICATIONS running on it?

Let that sink in…

Most people think they are investing in crypto, but what they’re really doing is speculating on price…
I have a friend who has had ADA since 2017, and only NOW started staking to pools.
There is a huge disconnect between people USING blockchain technology and those speculating on price, we are in the DOT COM bubble again, except with crypto.
People would rather “gamble/speculate” on a project’s white paper, than to USE and INVEST in functioning projects right in front of them.

Food for thought.


The market can be irrational
So, do you think EOS prices are reasonable now?
Many people still think that EOS price is overvalued.
Because EOS is just a by-product of B1.
The value of B1 is valuable because of the holding of Bitcoin, not because of EOS.
Your words are very contradictory.
EOS has lost the trust of the market.
No one is interested in EOS.
In the end, he gave valuable bitcoins to B1 and received a piece of shit EOS.

Each to their own.
I realize now that you’re only interested in FUD.
But if you truly want to evaluate EOS, go and USE it. Compare ATOMIC HUB to Opensea. Compare transaction speeds, compare DEFI protocols (Defibox, Vigor), go to Bloks.io and send a smart contract out, or better yet Learn C++ and build on EOS.

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I am currently using DEFIBOX.
People don’t care about this.
Currently, DeFi Box is the number one EOS-based DeFi.
However, the DeFi box is below the top 100 of the DeFi market.
B1 funds must be invested.
When will you invest $1B?
B1 bought the hotel government bond bitcoin and ended up not investing even 1% in EOS.
So EOS is sinking.

Sounds like you not quite know the history of B1 and the EOSIO etc. In any case no time discuss but felt I should share this link below in view of your words “B1 funds must be invested.”.


I am familiar with the history of eos.
I feel anger at the lies I tell every time.
Voice? Bullish?
Even if it comes out, Blockone is good.
Why is eos good if Bullish is released?
Have you thought about it?
Eos is not bnb.
Don’t talk about powerup