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What is the best wallet to hold eos?

I am very new to all things crypto and not very good with technology in general. Can someone please suggest to me what is the best way to get eos here in the USA and what is the best wallet to hold it in? Thank you very much in advance…

There are a few out there…

For desktop, its probably Anchor (used to be Scatter),

On the mobile you have more options, there is anchor for iPhone, but not android (still waiting for it), and plenty of others like, Wombat, TokenPocket, Start. Research and some might offer coin for storing EOS with them.

Really, you’ll need a wallet that your favorite dapps work with, and the momentum seems to be swinging towards anchor.

Thank you Eli. I appreciate any input possible on this…

the best is anchor wallet, wombat wallet.

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I actually like tokenpocket…simple and comprehensible

Any thoughts on Exodus? Thanks

Anchor wallet from greymass, its not even close IMHO.

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Import your account using Anchor desktop wallet

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