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What does it mean to be a member of the EOS community?

I believe that the heart of a strong community is a shared set of values, purpose, and identity. When we join a community we each contribute part of who we are to making the community.

When I originally conceived EOS I envisioned a community based around the principles of life, liberty, property and justice for all. I wanted to work with people to create a new system of mutual aide where we use smart contracts to minimize disputes.

I stand here today looking to unite a divided community and move forward together. I stand here asking everyone to join me in making the EOS community the most enjoyable and fulfilling place to hang out and contribute to.

What are you looking for in a community and what can you offer to help make the EOS community the best it can be?


Great to see things going forward. With the best leader and the best technology in cryptospace it is inevitable that we soon have the best community in crypto. :slight_smile:


Hello Dan, Prasanjit here. I have been developing on EOS since 2018 and was a mentor at the very first EOS hackathon in Hong Kong. I truly believe in what you have created and its capabilities. The part I am disappointed is lack of clarity and roadmaps where this project is heading to. I own a blockchain company currently with 40+ devs and I have no idea should I train and encourage more people to learn EOS or not. We definitely need a vision and a leader


God bless you, we believe in you, thank you


I hope to work with the community to establish a community roadmap that incorporates the elements B1 is bringing to the table and yet allows us to move forward independently. Thanks for joining the forum.


Welcome back!
The EOS community was lacking a leader and clear vision during the past years.
Let’s all unite and make EOS great again!


Imo its important to indruduce newbies to the tech and the community itself. Offering material which helps them using eos from a technological perspective and understand the consensusmechanism. I wrote several german articles about eos already. Now i am in holidays. As soon as i am back home i want to start with the translation of more equal animals into german what i already asked you if i can. I will ask my former boss if i can cover the most important developments around eos on his german cryptopage. That is what i can do for the next months. I can also donate some eos for the guys which are buiding the first structures (foundation whatever…).


I’m glad you’re back Dan! :pray:
Now let’s make EOS great again! :rocket:



In communities, I am looking for methods to offer engagement that is even more equitable for the active participation of the members.

I currently offer value to individuals and communities beyond EOSIO, since day one of EOS, education and onboarding, to demonstrate the value of EOS applications and potential of future possibilities.

We’ve supported countless bay area events, the first EOS World Expo, BPs, multiple DACs and even a semi-regular event, dacathon.com

To make it the best it can be, while having continued dedication, focus on EOSIO has taken a significant amount of speculative dedication/resources for many of our community members. I am lucky to have like minded benefactors to partially subsidize support these endeavors. However, to scale this type of value, adding “ambassadors” and more leadership is essential.

To make the adoption of EOS have sustained valuable and progress beyond being just an echo chamber of armchair philosophers, money talks - - the community members, as myself need to get paid.

Let’s get resources available to meet the needs of builders and educators in EOS.


I’m looking for use cases that empower individuals. I’m helping various people adopt various EOSIO dapps across various eosio communities. By volunteering my time in this way I find I can achieve a lot of my goals.

I’m focusing on becoming more independent and more resourceful through my community participation and I hope it rubs off on others. If there’s more ways to help more people, I’ll be there.

I am grateful and happy to continue to be here as part of the fractured eosio communities and excited to see some more cohesion take place to unify them. I think a missing ingredient would be the IBC solutions across chains. If we had a working, well funded and secure means to communicate seamlessly across eosio chains, we would be a lot further along and much less divided as a whole.


Dan, I’m happy you are with us. EOS belongs to the community. This a spectrum, a multi-facets diamonds.
This is the beginning of a community engagement.
I’m enjoy contributing here with edu content on the EOSIO Ecosystem. For the sake of unity.


I came to eos at the end of my search for the cryptocurrency best able to fulfil the dreams of bitcoin, enabling the world to secure their own wealth and transact globally without need for banks or other intermediary, and to form new forms of voluntary society through DACs.

“What are you looking for in a community”

I am looking for a group of people willing to look past their differences to build a better future together. People not concerned by controlling the actions of others but instead focused on creating their own freedoms.

“what can you offer to help make the EOS community the best it can be?”

I have no relevant technological skills, but I have helped hundreds of people new to EOS and cryptocurrency understand the what, why and how of EOS, and continue to do so.


Dan,I’m so glad to be back in EOS Community.
i’ll participate for EOS Community to grow up :hugs:


I am with you on this vision! How can I help?


Last February, i was invited to the Clubhouse.
The Clubhouse group is the of Korean famous developer Club Community! and then, i’m explaining EOS Public blockchain and usecase.

In fact, Corp’s dev team said it was very cautious about Public Blockchain, which is due to prejudice against the Korean government’s public chain.

So as much as possible,i’ll spread to developers and business practitioners of various companies so that they can easily understand why the public chain has good value

Also, i made an EOS Club in the Clubhouse
Its a great opportunity to participate in the EOS public chain promotion and many activities in the external community
Plz, participate in the EOS Club and we can together lot of things


welcome back!
hope we can better coordinate now that you are a free man


Governance issues, lack of community engagement and disillusion are only some of the problems that the EOS Community is facing today, I believe that most of these are caused by a lack of clear leadership and guidance that B1 either failed or never aimed to provide. For this reason I applaud what you are doing here, trying to unite the community and have an independent debate on where we should go!

The previous attempts on building an EOS Foundation were honest hearted but were never accomplished, I hope that this time around we can have some sort of organism that serves as a center of debate and execution on new policies, this forum is a great start.

Count me in to whatever is needed and I am sure my team, EOS Argentina, also shares your values and believes.


You’re awesome MAX, thank you so much for everything you’re doing for EOSIO


Dan,I’m so glad to be back in EOS Community.
i’ll participate for EOS Community to grow up :hugs:


Thanks for the kind words. Is a relief to have some hope of common direction for the community. Power hates a vacuum, and up until now there was no sense of togetherness between the different members of the community, the token owner, the traders, DACs, projects, businesses, BPs, B1, etc.

I’m here, answering the call, hoping that all the different stakeholders heed the call to unite in the things that we have in common.