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At the time of writing this post (November 2016), it has never been so destabilizing and at the same time exhilarating to see models change at the speed imposed on us by emerging technologies (are they still) and disruptive as are the “decentralization” of distribution, skills, consulting innovation.

As a former teacher who was a master of thought said, the world is what we make of it, it is up to us to build it, to structure it, to model it. A model is a representation of reality. So it’s up to us to take every reality that surrounds us and create our models! And not the models of others (trap to avoid). Otherwise, we risk inventing what does not belong to us, living to awaken someone else’s dream and work for him. Excuse me? The word work!

Work becomes more and more enslaved for those who live it and sometimes undergo it without having other choices. So we need other models! These models must be based on collaborative ecosystems involving engineers, consultants, and placing at the heart of the adventure, the project - partners, customers. What emerges here is not the word “work” but the word “collaborative”, which is much more rewarding, dynamic because it exchanges! Exchange of knowledge, skills, sharing of information. The word “work” is becoming more and more “static”! We live in a world of color, diversity, cross-breeding, different patterns of thoughts (mindset), technology (whether we like it or not)!

In all this, how to find its place as a human being! By agreeing to use information technology! This allows us to distance ourselves, to “decentralize”. Because yes working with a big T is very centralized. So if we consider starting a business today what is tomorrow? The problem is that today is already tomorrow or rather “future is now” or “tomorrow is already too late”, so there is still the possibility to become its own engine to think, its own generator of ideas and collaborate! Creating a business today is not necessary to hire an employee. To choose to hire a subcontractor, skill is just as rewarding because we need it at a T moment for a project P in reality R.

The person doing a project feels much more valued than a person performing repetitive tasks by always following the same patterns. This person is a free electron charged with electricity, gray matter galore and requires only one thing… Collaborate, exchange, grow an initiative, innovate!

In this sense, we are increasingly moving towards approaches to business, entity, organization based on a pyramidal approach! The pyramid is unique to each context! The pyramid contains knowledge of the entity. This knowledge followed a path of disorganization to the organization. This pyramid should be used on a platform.

What was false some years ago is now a reality.

Today, I say, welcome to EdenEOS.org