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We need to remove eosio.io and add our new landing page for EOS on CMC and Coingecko

We need to remove eosio.io and add our new landing page for EOS on CMC and Coingecko
Do we have any blockproducers that can do this job? We need a landing page that explain what is eos and a menu with all the dapps, wallet and tools.

The community can decida the domain name or we can ask to b1 to give us eos.io


Although I do like the idea of a new, and more comprehensive EOS dedicated site, the current EOS.IO site by block one provides a vast amount of resources for developers. Which I think should be prioritised, we want quality developers on EOS so prioritising developer tools and learning material should be paramount. If the new site were to prioritise dev materials AND provide info on current dapps, news, etc then yeah I agree.


Eos.io should not be removed and the forums.eoscommunity.org should be added also.


I agree with you and @Raccoon , most people can’t distinguish between EOS and B1; B1 use the brand of EOS to many things, but the core is for their company’s, not for EOS community, include not show DAPPs, have B1 twitter but have no EOS Twitter, and so on. So, we have to do something.

I have just created an independent EOS Twitter: https://twitter.com/EosEden
our own need to take action!

I’m sure we can also ask eos.io to add the community link to their page.

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This is a very nice idea.

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How about EOSmainnet.io ?

I secured this domain for this reason if it is required let me know @bytemaster

An overview of all dApps on EOS is long overdue.

In this context, an overview of projects that will be relaunched on EOS in the near future is necessary.

One could add batches, if developers of the project are known or if there is an audit for example.

I have redirected to the EOS community page