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Wax transaction from Anchor to coinex does not arrive

I need some help here. I transfered some wax from my anchor wallet to coinex. I can see the tx on the blockchain and it looks fine to me. I did the same thing again with a very low amount just to see what happens and it also did not arrive. Then just to make sure I am not the dummest user on the chain, I send wax from my cloud wallet to the exact same address with the exact same memo and this did arrive. Would be great, if someone can tell me what is wrong with this transaction (f2997d44c8e0864f3cf077ba1c7f6b267220434b22424e9a5eab18b5226a61d4) on wax.blocks.io

Is there something funny in this transaction? What am I missing?
Thanks for your help!

It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the transaction itself. The tokens were sent.

There might be an issue with how coinex handles incoming transfers, I’d suggest reaching out to them about the missing deposit. They have the tokens, whether or not its crediting off-chain on the exchange would be an issue they’d have to resolve.

Thanks for the feedback!
That’s what I thought. The funny thing is, that I sent 2 transactions from anchor wallet which did not arrive. After sending the 2nd tx from anchor I directly sent another tx with the identical information from my wax cloud wallet. The tx from wax cloud wallet arrived immediately. The only difference that I see in the transactions is in the cosign part: “greymassnoop noop [greymassfuel cosign]”

Yep, I noticed that as well. Anchor covers the resource costs of the transaction using that greymassnoop action, and that might be messing up how they process incoming transactions. It shouldn’t, we’ve never heard of that interfering with any other exchange… but there’s a first time for everything :sweat_smile: