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Wax api doesn't run

Hey.https://wax.greymass.com isn’t able to use. Therefore, anchor wallet on wax is not running. When will it be fixed?

Looks to all be online and running fine here.

If you open the URL in your browser, does it load any JSON (code looking text)? Does your browser give an error too?

Browser can’t open the link too. Also, there is an “x” icon on your website. https://greymass.com/en/apis/

That website checks your connection to the API, which for example shows fine for me:

Maybe you’re blocked from accessing it right now? Did you use any WAX mining tools or any custom scripts that do things really rapidly? We have systems in place that will automatically block you for a set amount of time if you exceed the limits we have set.

You are right I guess. I have tried with another IP and it works. But I didn’t use any script. How can it be? Are your limits can be forced with manual processes?

They’re all automated.

It’s entirely possible either some website(s) you visited and the combination of having Anchor open may have triggered them, since so many different WAX products use our API endpoints. It’s really hard to tell what may have caused it because of this.

Are things working again now for you? All those automatic systems also automatically unblock after a certain amount of time. If you still don’t have access, I can go in manually and check to see what’s happening - but I’d need to know what IP address your traffic was coming from. You’re free to send that over to team@greymass.com and we can investigate.

Otherwise, hopefully it’s just working again now.

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