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Thanks for your positive comments


Hi Mell,

Good to read your proposal! As genesis holder, and genesis friend, I m full supportive of your project! Eos micro loan is amazing ! As already said my dream would be to implement it in Africa (Cameroun). Still need time to finish personal and important things!

Good luck!



Thanks Reg for your support


You are welcome ! Do you plan to go to Venezuela ?

Yes I do plan to go out there and help improve and expand the project where I can, I am in communication with the team to discuss where help is most needed, hopefully I can build a larger team to help the spread of the use of EOS as a currency


Fantastic ! I wish you all the best

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Fantastic purpose. I support this proposal.

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  • 告诉我们您如何找到伊甸园的?
  • 社区吸引您的愿景/价值观/想法是什么?
  • 您为什么要成为会员?
  • 您如何看待自己为社区做出的贡献?
  • 如果您成为预算的选举的Eden Genesis代表,您将如何花费该预算?

Hello, I’m glad here to introduce myself, I am from China, is a culture of China’s shandong province, has studied in EOS community due to their own interests, from EOS provids online until now has been to follow up the development of EOS.

  • tell us how do you find the garden of Eden?
    Because has been paying attention to the development of EOS, so when there is a garden of Eden BM, I began to understand for the garden of Eden, and track progress.
  • the vision/values of the community to attract you? / what is idea?
    Read the book of the BM, a deep belief in his ideas, let me know the values of the garden of Eden, let us become a real EOS community members and reach a consensus.
  • why do you want to become a member?
    As the garden of Eden may exercise the rights to the representative of the EOS community members, and give more ground application EOS ecosystem, positive to influence more people understand the EOS, I hope the EOS is getting better and better, and one of the most main reason, because I always hold the EOS has never done anything band, a member of the value investors.
  • how do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    I have been in the maintenance of their community construction, has been the objective of EOS, let community members know the true value of EOS, lead investors to join the EOS community. It is in the maintenance of the EOS NFT community on the chain.
  • if you become a budget’s election Eden Genesis representative, how will you spend the budget?
    , by the people, this is my first thoughts, major or want to take advantage of these budgets to improve new user entry barrier, because I don’t have the technical ability, hope the budget support contribute to the community infrastructure builders.
    [/ quote]

Hello EdenOS community!

My name is Marcin Chilik and I was involved in EOS since been of the project. I had a chance to participate in the test networks like: Jungle Testnet and Superhero. I was also running a node as a BP candidate: EOSGREEN. Unfortunately at the time the idea of fully green BP wasn’t so popular and I didn’t manage to be elected. Since then I wasn’t involved in any project and mainly observed EOS evolution from the sidelines.

I found this project when I was looking for alternatives to Ethereum and discovered Steemit and Bitshares then I found out that Dan Latimer is working on new project called EOSIO.

Liberty Prosperity and happiness :slight_smile: , in general I like this project and people involved. I think EOS is the most advanced and highest performance Blockchain capable of handling thousands transactions with minimum fees.

I want to be involved in EOS full time. I find it hard to not be part of this ecosystem and always look forward to see what is happening in the ecosystem. I think EOS and EOSIO Blockchain will be powering future economies and I want to be part of this.

I am still running EOS node eosgreenbp and I believe I could provide more resources to the project from hardware side. I am involved in the BOID project which is great, allows for decentralised computing and also would like to be involved in EdenOS as active member.

I would like to promote sustainable and green projects to be build on EOS. Blockchain as a whole can deliver decentralised and traceable system for energy production and transport. If I become elected I would like to fund a project similar to energy web token by building a marketplace for energy and allow for microtransations for electric vehicles.



Hi, I’m Andrew, I made a more in depth intro here:

To answer your questions:

I’m quite interested in alternative political systems, including a particular interest in ranked choice voting, because of its potential for allowing easier challenges to partisan power structures. After learning of Dan Larimer’s proposal for the political playoffs, I have largely abandoned my enthusiasm for RCV and now tell everyone who’ll listen about the political playoffs instead of ranked choice voting. I heard about Eden soon after I learned about clarionos, although after contributing a logo that didn’t get used, I felt like there wasn’t anything useful I could do for the project. EdenOS, however, seems like a project I could actually be useful in. Earlier today I saw a Twitter link to this forum, and now here I am!

The idea of a political (consensus for you blockchainers) paradigm, which solves the game theory of voting by aligning everyone’s interests, and which prevents capture by powerful or moneyed interests, sounds too good to be true. And it might be. But the simplicity and effectiveness of the political playoffs process is too exciting for me to pass up participating in. And although I’m more of a Chomsky libertarian than the more Rand-ian libertarians that seem common in the crypto space, the ethos of the community is aligned with my own core values: freedom from coercion, and minimization of entropy.

I want to be a member of Eden because I think I bring some cultural diversity to a very niche community. My musical social circle is surprisingly (to me) far-reaching, but has very little overlap with the crypto community. This offers a much more realistic mechanism for growth than trying to convince BTC maximalists to pick up some EOS tokens. More importantly though, my experience working in teams whose members were often in passionate disagreement, often with me as mediator, and who were working under financial and temporal pressure (recording studios are not cheap), has given me a knack for negotiation that I think would be very valuable in helping achieve Eden’s goals.

I’ve been in a band with two singer/songwriters, a band with a singer and guitarist who were dating and then broke up, as well as a band with a singer who has schizophrenic episodes, and that’s not to mention that anybody who is egotistical enough to stand onstage in front of a bunch of people and blast them with nose is probably going to be difficult to work with. That is to say, the teams I’ve been in are probably more unstable than the average dev team. Because of this, I think I can contribute my mediation experience and help be an effective team member. I also have tons of audio playing/recording/editing/releasing experience, and could be helpful in producing audio content like podcasts or other audio productions. I also screen print so I could make some cool t shirts or stickers or something.

If I were awarded the Eden budget, there are a few things I’d highlight as priorities.

The first of these is account creation. While the means for creating an EOS account are currently much easier than at Genesis, they still essentially assume that a user is attaining an account for investment purposes. Barely anyone I know is an investor, so you have to get them to learn what all these investment terms like Exchange and fiat mean, and that’s before you even explain blockchain and why they should buy that instead of a burrito with their small quantity of hard-earned money. People need to be able to get EOS accounts for doing things that everyone wants to do already. Voice tried it, but it’s a big company product with probably dozens of lawyers involved, and their KYC social media just wasn’t compelling enough for someone to upload a photo of their passport to join. The new direction of NFTs is more compelling, but is a little too late to ride the fad wave, in my opinion. In light of this, I think some funds could be used to support free user signups for the best non-financial EOS apps, since financial EOS apps are appealing to the investor community that presumably has just bought EOS. The apps could be voted on by this same Eden body, or by a separate body, or by all token holders.

Additionally, I think some EOS should be apportioned to a team in order to create a graphical or otherwise noob-friendly means for making Dapps. I’ve been envisioning this Dapp for years, based on an app I’ve been thinking about for probably a decade by now, and while I understand how computers work and how data flow works (check the GitHub link in my profile if you want to evaluate the accuracy of that statement), but even after spending hundreds of hours learning to code in js and C++, there’s no way I could write a functional smart contract. Not because of lack of logical knowledge, but because I don’t know all of the specific syntactical means for talking to a computer. I’m sure there are at least hundreds of people like me, who have a cool idea and know how it’ll work, but can’t talk to computers good. A graphical programming tool for EOS would be a game changer for the EOS Dapp ecosystem, and more importantly, given EOS’s affordability and capability, would be a game changer for hundreds or thousands of people who can finally run the entire business logic of their idea on a robust global automated system.

There are other priorities as well, such as Hackathons and community events, but these are the primary issues EOS issues I’ve been thinking about.


Hello Eden Genesis,
Here is my introduction post:

God bless you all,


Hi guys

My name is Dario Cesaro and I would like to participate in the Eden community. I don’t really want to run and get elected, but I would love to have a voice to elect people.

And since I am active a lot on Telegram (@dobuora Drill Sergeant Zeus), Reddit (u/BCScalingScout1) and Twitter (@eosmainnetnews), it’s a great way to present myself to the community so that you know who I am.

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    I found out on eoscommunity.org and loved the idea so much, that I volunteered for the Eden mock elections.

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?
    A process who has the potential to bring 10k people to consensus in 6 hours and for all the people who participate a platform to get heard with the problems they have

  • Why do you want to become a member?
    I just want to support EOS and a truly democratic way to elect leaders. Its a huge thing in my opinion, if it ends up successful. I’m already honored that I could be part of the mock elections.

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    At the moment I supporting the EOS community, with spreading news from any EOS channel to Reddit and Twitter and supporting people with their problems on Reddit.

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
    I already collect some ideas here: EOS Projects in Need of Funding - #8 by dobuora


All my support.
Good testifying.


Fantastic idea.i support you.

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My name is Stéphane Bisson, I’ve been an EOS investor since the early days of the ICO and later co-founded EOS Nation, one of the leading block producers on EOS. I’m very excited for Eden and looking forward to becoming a member.

*** What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?**

I love the incentives structure around political playoffs. After participaing in the first Eden elections I felt how powerful such a structure can be to increase community cohesion.

*** Why do you want to become a member?**

I want to be able to vote for Level1 representatives and have a say in how the Eden funds get distributed.

*** In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?**

Participating in Eden political playoffs and voting for value-adding projects.

*** If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?**

If no one else in my group brings forth a proposal that I deem worthy, I will try to win the level1 round and donate the funding as part of the matching funds for the upcoming crowdfunding platform being built by EOS Nation and EOS Asia.




A:第一次是听 Dan 提起,后来主要在这个论坛和Twitter上跟踪最新进展,也非常乐于看到 EdenOS 的发展如此迅速;


A:主要是 Dan 的想法吧,这是一个非常有意思的大型社会试验。虽然非常有可能失败,但万一成功了呢?





Q:如果您成为预算的选举的Eden Genesis代表,您将如何花费该预算?

A:一方面,EOS上现存有很多中国的项目方长期缺乏B1的关注和支持,我希望首先把一部分资金给予他们,让他们能够在现有的基础上继续扩张发展;另外一方面,中国有很多开发者由于缺乏B1的支持,转向了其他的链,也有的人项目就停止开发了。我希望在中国社区这边举办类似的比赛进行奖励,或听取专业人士(比如节点)的建议,采取更好地方式吸引开发者来到EOS上开发。在他们没有找到明确的商业模式之前,通过 Eden 的资金帮助他们度过最初阶段。

Hi everyone, I’m a EOS tokenholder from the Chinese community, and since my English is not very good, I’m looking forward to joining the Chinese Eden community (if there is one in the future) and contributing my part to the development of EOS.

Q: Tell us how you found out about eden?

A: I heard Dan mention it at first, and have since followed the latest developments mainly on this forum and Twitter, and am very happy to see EdenOS evolving so quickly.

Q: What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

A: Mostly because of Dan’s idea, I guess, it’s a very interesting large social experiment. It’s very likely to fail, but what if it works?

Q: Why do you want to become a member?

A: China has developed at a very rapid pace over the past 40 years and has accumulated a very large amount of development experience, especially in how to promote economic growth. I think members of the Chinese community can provide a lot of inspiration to the community, because that’s how our country has grown from small to large. In addition, my own major is economics, finance and management, and I believe I can provide some of my own thoughts and reflections to the community in this area.

Q: In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?

A: I am not a developer, nor am I professionally involved in blockchain projects. But in the Chinese community, I currently translate some articles (mainly published in bihu.com) and volunteer to manage a community (on WeChat), trying to convey some progress of the EOS community and my own thinking in an objective and rational way.

Q: If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?

A: On the one hand, there are some existing Chinese project parties on EOS who have lacked B1 attention and support for a long time, and I would like to give them some of the funds first so that they can continue to expand and develop on their existing base; On the other hand, there are many Chinese developers who have moved to other chains due to the lack of B1 support, and there are also people whose projects just stopped developing. I hope to hold hackathons to reward Chinese developers, or take advice from professionals (like BPs) to take a better way to attract developers to develop on EOS. Until they find a clear business model, funding through Eden will help them get through the initial stages.


Nice intent testifying.


HI , I am Debraj from India. I have been in EOS space and community member from ICO times.I have been part of genesis block. Also I am an Indian Ambassador of EOS Nation Block Producer.
I have been attracted by the EOS blockchain because of the performance of the blockchain and transparent community at the same time most distributed blockchain. Also EOS is in a continuous improvement process to be a much better blockchain in all aspects.I would like to be a part of the journey. I would like to participate actively. Overall I have a huge interest in EOS Ecosystem and that’s why I want to become a member.
I can contribute to the community in a differt way. First of all I am a technical person so I can always to be a part of IT or infosec related subject. Secondly I can promote EOS big time. I have a huge linkedin contacts and more over if Eden community give any other task I will try to deliver the same.
I would like to spend the budget on EOS promotion. Right now we have to promote heavility and increase the awerness …

Thank you…


This is a solid proporsal.
Dan himself has said before EMP-EML are the sort of project EOS needs, and there is no discussion it is giving EOS real usage as no other project is.
A project that creates liquidity, jobs, opportunities, and growth out of trust and freedom.

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Hello there, my name is Nat, I have been with EOS since before the mainnet launched. I remember watching all of the BP call videos, keeping up with blue jays, Thomas Cox, Zack and the rest of them.

I found out about Eden through being in the many many Telegram channels and working with a team that has been building in the space since genesis, LiquidApps.

I like the idea of an alternative to the current monetary system and using blockchain to create and enforce a system of incentives. I think the corporation created by the Dutch East India trading company was a concept that, catalyzed by double entry book keeping, allowed an economic expansion that outpaced any in history. I think blockchain will ultimately serve as the base layer for the next evolution of what a corporation is at its core, a system of incentives with enforceable rules.

The blockchain part works great, I think the game theory aspect and the battle testing that needs to be done for creating templates for sustained governance will be the hard part and the part I’m most interested in exploring and building.

I want to become a member because I’m interested in adding value to this community that I’ve been a part of for so long. My biggest contribution to the ecosystem has probably been the many hours I’ve spent helping developers on the eosio stack exchange, though I haven’t been able to help as much lately as in the beginning years.

I’m a developer so I see myself being able to value by evaluating and contributing to projects.

@natpd on the gram