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Are you excited about Eden and want an invite to join the community?
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We realize not everyone who wants to be a part of the Eden Genesis community will already know one of our members. So we wanted to create a way for you to get to know us.

We do place importance on a culture of trust as the basis for the success of the community. So please follow the instructions below and let’s get to know each other.

Start your own thread and introduce yourself to the Eden community:

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

  • Why do you want to become a member?

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?

  • Please provide your Telegram username so that Eden members can contact you to learn more.

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Greetings, I’m Mark Scheer (earthman).

Please feel free to check out my introductory post here:


Patrick Bernard Schmid. CEO/CTO of NovaCrypto and educational platform
EOS Blockchain Switzerland

I decided to present myself for Eden as someone to be elected. Indeed, I want to continue to give to the community.

Here after, the package I deliver.


EOSIO🇨🇭Workshops since 2020 April 23rd
5 workshops
2021 ongoing 6 workshops
next stop June 23rd
2022 6 workshops
Concept : 4 guest interviews, article on eos.writer.io
PDF, MindMap uptodate after each episode
Production: 2 hours educational content Youtube

Exposure for differents key players in the EOSIO/EOS

Promotional videos to give exposure for EOSIO/EOS.

Development 2022

Your online knowledge builder where you can upload your mindmap that can be used stand-alone and published on a marketplace. You can also contribute to enriching the existing one. Each root of a mindmap will be tagged with some metadata about his owner. The mindmap file will be stored on IPFS and the resulting hash on the EOS Mainnet. A NFT of the mindmap will be on atomichub.

For more details, I will share them later on Eden.

Go EOS! For the sake of unity.
Through Education and Development adoption rise.


Gracie Lau, CEO of JBB.ONE.
I certainly believe, with its great advantages in performance, EOS ecosystem will approach perfection with multilateral efforts.
I‘d love to join Eden, and want an invite to join the community.


Hey everyone, I’m Giuseppe Tabbì (www.linkedin.com/in/giuseppetabbi
, TG: @armerino_ftw), Digital Product Manager at Covestro.
Firstly, I found out about Eden in this EOSCommunity, when I tried to read and understand the technical background of EOS and the ecosystem surrounding it. Following that rabithole I stumbled upon the book of Dan “More Equal Animals” caught my attraction. I always tried to make a difference and make an impact in my life either in science (due to my academical background) or now by developing hopefully usefull products. However, what always struck me was the lack of progress in the system I am living and, thus, I want to be part of a community, which enables exactly that: empowering people, bringing governance structures to the next level (or on chain), overcome our now-a-days instituional hurdles. If my technical, Data Science and/or Product Management skills are helpful I would be more than happy to be invited to this community.


My name is Richard (Rick) Grote ((sighmanjestah) pronounced Simon Jester without the “r” at the end, those familiar with Robert Heinlein, might understand the genesis of my handle/pseudonym) and I am looking
for inclusion into the Eden Genesis community.

I found out about Eden via Dan’s recent book.

I’ve been attracted to Dan’s early vision from my early Steemit days. I was not an early Steemit participant but when I joined I quickly realized that Steemit was more than just a social media site. I come from a strong libertarian leaning background. I started acting on libertarian principles in my early teens, even though I was not actually aware at that time that they were libertarian principles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d like to be considered for membership based on the libertarian principles stated above regarding what attracted me to the community.

I believe that I could contribute to the community by bringing the ideas of freedom, liberty, etc. to the community.

I recently participated in the trial election. I was in room 9 and I mainly wanted to participate as an extra body in the trial. I had no expectations of winning the 1000 EOS offered as a prize and so was not prepared to state what I would use those funds for. I had no specific use case and if you look at my “pitch” it was along the lines of using the funds for education and maybe another project that was currently being developed.

Anyhow, please consider me for inclusion in the Genesis community.

Time is short and I wanted to get this out there before the deadline today.

The following was a Steemit post that will maybe explain a bit better what I am trying to get across;

Peace :v: on your house!

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    From the time EOS left ETH and build its own blockchain I follow every project under EOS @ahmetkalayci my EOS wallet and Voice address.
  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?
    Scalability and always looking for new solutions for functional development…
  • Why do you want to become a member?
    I want to follow closer.
  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    I can build a Turkish Community. Also can promote projects with my LinkedIn network LinkedIn: kalaycia
  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
    Organize events, workshops, and EOS courses for my community. And giving purchasing guaranty to local farmers in my country. Building Smart Contracts under EOS for agricultural goods and services transactions. I am not a coder, but I think we have enough coder population in EOS. Plus I am an investor of EOS Blockchain Game Upland and I want to build Virtual Estate Investment Fund backed with cryptocurrencies. my whatsup +905078685079 Telegram: akalayci34

Hello, I’m Mark Stair, manager at tipit.io and tipitbot.

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    =>I’ve been following EOS, Dan, and blockchain since 2017. Read most of Dan’s articles before the book and read the More Equal Animals that nicely pulls together all the ideas that are now manifesting at EdenOS (really excited).
  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?
    =>After reading tons of books on global issues such as environmental, society, money, end of US$ dominance and so on, I could never think of a solution until I discovered blockchain WITH governance and knew this could be the solution to both global and local issues.
  • Why do you want to become a member?
    => I not only want to become a member, I’m COMPELLED to become a member to help realize humanities full potential on Earth and our interconnected roles with each other and all of nature.
  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    =>Our tipit group is ready to tackle any needs of the community through dapps, solutions like tipit, and governance elections.
  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
    =>Part of the budget would go towards tipit’s new projects around easily creating and exchanging NFT’s on social media. The rest of the budget would go towards needed solutions for EOS. As a former Motorola wireless employee, I would like to fund smartphone companies to built-in crypto key management into phones (like Ledger in your phone).
    In addition, our non-crypto business, high5software.com, is experienced in business level software including Point of Sale so I would like to fund efforts around integrating EOS into POS systems to provide merchants much cheaper sales transactions versus the current 2% to 5% going to credit card companies.
    Any projects that focus on bring in the masses in the most easy way should also be funded like simple wallets.
    And if that’s not enough, I also write at truer.medium.com. My writing is only to get ideas out of my own head, however I believe my articles can be useful for the community.
    Mark Stair tipit.io

Hello, I’m Ben Choi

I’m a trucker and hydroponics enthusiast.

I found out about EOS as a natural progression of having been following Dan since Steemit. I just found out about Eden through telegram.

I feel highly aligned with this communities values to have empathy and connect with eachother.

For me becoming a member would allow me to contribute to reaching concensus.

If I got some budget is likely spend it on testing of different dispute resolution methods to ease the democratic process.

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?

Daniel Larimer and EOS Telegram feeds.

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

Scalability, fast transactions, and low energy consumption thanks to DPoS consensus.

  • Why do you want to become a member?

I believe that EOS can beat ETH if we focus on solving real-world problems like financial inclusion and privacy protection. I want to become a member to create a bridge between EdenOS and enterprise solutions, mainly in decentralized finance and cloud storage.

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?

I can help identify new features, contribute to software development and maximize the efficiency and return of the EOS community by getting universities and students involved in EdenOS.

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?

I will ask for the EOS community feedback and validation of new features that will help us beat ETH. Their team is busy with something that we already, the PoS consensus. It’s time to catch up by increasing our position in the following areas:
Partnership with universities
Partnership with startups and companies
Decentralized finance
Decentralized cloud storage

My story with EOS:
I first discovered EOS on Steemit and participated in its token sale before the Mainnet. On June 1, 2019, I attended EOS conference in DC during which Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer announced Voice and EOSIO2 projects. Since I am a full-stack full software engineer, I was very interested in EOSIO APIs. Three UIC graduate students and I designed and developed an Angular web application for signing documents using the EOSJS framework, EOS smart contract, and Scatter plugin. Since then, I started working on my startup Kotiz, a personal finance assistant which combines the power of AI, Fintech, and EOS blockchain. My contribution to the Eden community would be integrating EOS blockchain in the real-world application, including FinTech, decentralized finance (DeFi), savings, rewards, crowdfunding, crowd-financing, and documents management. I believe that the only way to promote the development of the EOS blockchain is to solve real-world problems with it. I am also interested in contributing to EdenOS software development.

My current EOS project:
Encrinus 6S decentralized cloud storage and secure document management.

Pitch deck:


RE: “Want to join the Eden Genesis Community? Introduce Yourself to the Community HERE!”

:wave:t3: Hello fellow EdenEOS Genesis members! …just wanted to jump in and quickly say:

First, my name is @Todd, I am proud to be a part of this community and look forward to getting to know everyone even more over the coming weeks, months and years ahead…

This is a very exciting time and it was an honor to participate in our first successful alpha EdenOS mock elections (big congrats to @ChrisBarns :clap:t3: aka - ‘SatoshiBarns’:). Also, Great job @domenicthomas, @Hahn and the rest of #TeamEden for your contributions and hard work putting it all together. :raised_hands:t3:

…what a great time - this whole process from the beginning has truly been inspirational and it breeds hope to many of us that seek to advance the power of individual human rights to secure Life, Liberty, and Property for All - in a more open and transparent way. (sincerely, Thank You - @Dan for making this possible, I greatly respect you and your work my friend. :pray:t3:)

Like many others here, I have been following the fascinating book: “More Equal Animals” since its debut on voice.com … and like many, have been looking forward to the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity needed, to help build an even better future for my family, and yours!

Lastly, If “…elected as an Eden Genesis representative“ - I would propose to spend the available budget in a manner that would best serve the needs of this newly developing community and ecosystem. #GoEdenOnEOS #Go$EOS :rocket:

In Pursuit Of Even More Freedom…

Chat soon,

Todd D. Schlosser
Protect. Provide. Prosper.

( Https://edenEOS.ToddSchlosser.com | Telegram: @ToddSchlosser | Sense.chat: @Todd )


Aloha, I’m Joshua Seymour.

I’d love to join the Eden Genesis community!

As per the instructions, here’s my intro post:


Hi EdenOS Community!

I was among the more than 60 participants in the Alpha Test. Truly a transformative experience. Absolutely amazing encouragement for the genesis of new communities. Were it not for my attendance, I’d not so intimately understand others’ praise of EdenOS for both transformative governance as well as fostering new relationships. On to my introduction and hopeful inspiration for those not yet decided.

Beyond bringing intangibles from life experience, I believe there’s a measurable value I can offer the EdenOS community. Actionable information for those inspired to join, helping onboard new users, or making it easier to connect the dots across projects all will contribute in EdenOS becoming that next step for blockchain.

Such support are merely a few ways I hope to contribute. Through a deeper knowledge and application of the technology, I hope to grow alongside EdenOS and projects born out of this most wonderful gathering.

As for direct interaction with blockchain technology:

  • I’ve maintained copy of the Bitcoin ledger
  • support the vision of Hive
  • written on Steemit for several years
  • exploring what LEO Finance has to offer
  • have traded on Bitshares
  • active on WAX
  • use my EOS account daily
  • currently write for Cryptowriter (EOSweekly)
  • active in NFT markets.

If given the opportunity to become a member, I’d certainly agree to the Peace Treaty recited by Dan Larimer in the Induction Ceremony. It’s a sentiment I’ve harbored on more than one occasion growing up in NYC metro. Maybe those who’ve slept in vibrational range of busy rails (or something to that end) can understand the cry from the abyss. Fall’n- eternal gravitational dispersion- dull to it may we grow- never non-responsive.

Godspeed EdenOS community and those who’d dare not, yet,

Marco Gonzalez

MachnBird Sparo (gamer/explorer name)

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?

I was following the Telegram channel

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

I love the idea of giving the people an opportunity to protect themselves against things like inflation thats why I was fascinated from Bitcoin at first.
I kept on learning about Blockchains and found EOS.
The strength of the technology which allows the people to really benefit from all the advantages Blockchains have and the flexibility to sustain while using only a fraction of the energy other Blockchains need finally convinced me. So I kept on learning about the projects on EOS and the more I learn the more fascinated I become. DeFi and ProFi for example. I think it is just not fair if centralised exchanges stop their service if they want to.

  • Why do you want to become a member?

I would like to give something back to the community and participate if I can. I also participated in the election test. I won in Round 1 Room 9 and lost in Round 2 Room 3 against Chris Barnes. The whole experience was great! You really get heard and came in contact with each other.

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?

I will keep informing myself about EOS and Eden anyway so I could probably cast a good vote. I’m also about to start participating in the Eden twitteraccount. Later when there is maybe a German speaking Eden community getting started I would try to bring everything I’ve learned in the English community into the German community.

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?

I would pay for the translation of as much information as possible including his book because I know how frustrating it is if something really got your attention but you are struggling with the language.


Joe Johnson

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    I found out about Eden through the EOS channels I’m constantly monitoring and Domenic keeping me updated on his involvement. I was one of the volunteers for the first test election, group 8.
  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?
    The pain points are pretty obvious to any of us who have been around since EOS mainnet inception. After the test round, this pretty much speaks for itself, I think. I’m excited to see the energy and a tangible plan to manage the mainnet. And Dan’s vision for a process that helps avoid cronyism while promoting individual participation is fantastic.
    There are other aspects to this that I’m looking forward to exploring, but still need to do a lot of research to understand its application. For example, I look forward to applying my training in regenerative agriculture on a small farm in the near future. How can this model, and the EOS mainnet, be applied? If we pursue a crowdfunding model, there might be some amazing opportunities here.
    One of the projects that I’ve wanted to do for a few years could possibly be managed largely through EOSio is the restoration of La Gonave, an island off the coast of Port Au Prince, Haiti. While I’m still not able to put the energy into it that it will take, I hope to get to that point within the next couple of years. You can read about the challenges and vision here (conclusion - includes links to each article of series).
  • Why do you want to become a member?
    Holding a genesis account, I’ve been involved with EOS since day one. In the early days our proxy, mentormarket, was one of the top influencers until some of the huge ones gained traction. I was also involved in BOID and EOSdac early on, as well as investing in a few other EOS projects. I was glad to be a part of it and continue to support the BPs we are convinced are best for the EOS project and community. And it’s my hope to continue to be a part of the process and support the community as well as build on it in the future.
  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    I think I answered how I could contribute in the previous question, to some degree. I’ve also been talking to a few people about building TIMM and another project on the mainnet. I would love to explore possibilities with anyone who might be interested in something of this sort, and would also like to contribute a portion of TIMM to support Eden On EOS.
    My participation has been quiet, which is fine with me. I tend to be a source of support without necessarily putting my name out there. I want to plug in wherever I can be of the greatest benefit to the community and am happy to support those who can do it better. As such, I’m realizing that even though many of the early BPs know about my mentormarket proxy, they may not have any idea who I am. My loyalty and integrity speak for themselves in this, however, as mentormarket continues to support specific BPs based on production and not joining profit pools or vote for some of the popular BPs that are not as productive for the community.
  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
    If I were to become a representative, my main focuses would be on usability and marketing. How can we continue to promote tools to help those unfamiliar with blockchain embrace EOS without the steep learning curve currently involved. It’s getting better and Greymass has done a fantastic job on this. But we all know that more can be done. The other area we need help is attracting projects to the chain.

I’d use my imanotherjoe account for this in order to keep the mentormarket free to be dedicated to my other efforts, fwiw. You can find me in the Telegram group as @another_joe.

Looking forward to the future of Eden on EOS!


Hi Eden :slight_smile: I’m Hernan, Founder of EOS Israel (Maybe you’ve heard about us) and Vocal Supporter of EOS and the community. Ever since before the launch I’ve been spreading awareness about EOS within the Israeli Tech & Startup Community and getting Developers and Entrepreneurs about the technology and the ecosystem.

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    Part of what we do at EOS Israel is follow up on the latest developments on EOS and spread them on our Twitter channel. Dan Posted about Eden and we were immediately hooked :slight_smile:

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

I think the concept of a “Democracy of democracies” is super-revolutionary and what most attracts me about the values in Eden is that for the first time we have a chance to create a consensus mechanics which is not strictly tied to the size of your wallet.

  • Why do you want to become a member?
    I want to become a member to express my voice and to empower my vision of bringing new developers and investors to the EOS Ecosystem.

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?

I am building a new platform to bring new developers, projects, and investors to EOS. I Cannot yet present all of the details, but it’s coming soon.

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?

I believe that a priority as a community is to grow, expand, and further develop prosperity. My focus would be on bringing new developers, projects, and investors into the EOS Ecosystem. I intend to have this platform governed through EdenOS and I intend to allocate a good part of the proceeds of this platform back into EdenOS to further its development and resources.


I testify my intent on EOS

Collaborative ecosystems
Here a link to my post:

That’s the reason why I joined EOS in 2018 and I want to continue.

About me
I’m Patrick Bernard Schmid, a Software Engineer. In February 2018, I started as CEO/CTO, NovaCrypto LLC
A Swiss Startup Company to do decentralized network integration with EOS/EOSIO Ecosystem as an entry point.

I decided to collaborate with EOS Nation as an Ambassador in October 2018.

EOS/EOSIO Education

Since 2018, I have hosted physical EOS meetups in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Malta about EOS/EOSIO Ecosystem.
In April 2020, I pivoted for Youtube - Online - Prerecorded EOSIO Swiss Workshop.
A workshop is - about 2hours of Educational Content
including 4 guest interviews.
After the workshop, EOSIO SWISS WORKSHOP MINDMAP is up to date with all the topics discussed.
A PDF and also an article on CryptoWriter, EOS Writer.

Development side
I have started and want to deliver for the EOS/EOSIO Community MindWeb.io - A Knowledge Builder - letting users upload their mindmap and having an NFT on EOS AtomicHub.

My commitment for 2022

  • 6 workshops every 2 months with 4 guest interviews each.
  • Coding Mindweb.io Platform

Hi my name is Melvin Pearce (Mell) I am a director of a UK based technology company called Software Focus International

I have been heavily involved in EOS since buying the tokens in the crowd sale (genesis account holder)

I primarily bought into EOS because I have loved Dans libertarian values and vision for improving governance and ultimately the world we live in for all, the current governance and political systems are clearly not working for the benefit of the many and I am very excited in now having the possibility to change this

Since 2017 I have basically been living and breathing EOS and love to tell everyone I can of the EOS dream and it’s potential, I also have a few ideas for potential EOS blockchain products

Since Dans departure of B1 he has reinvigorated myself and many of the communities original excitement specially when he announced the Clarion and more importantly the Eden project

I would love to become a Eden community member so I can not only continue to spread the word around EOS and Eden but then concentrate my focus on helping existing / new projects get off the ground for the benefit of the EOS community and the world as a whole

I am very entrepreneurial and like to have a hands on approach and get things done so I feel I would be a good asset to the community and I would definitely love to devote all of my time on this if accepted

My first proposal (if accepted) would be that I use the funding to help and support the EOS Microloan team initially in Venezuela expanding the use of EOS as a currency as well as helping the people help themselves in becoming more prosperous and speed up growth

I am happy to pitch this idea and work with others on making this project successful
I am truly excited and can’t wait to get involved and agree with the terms of joining


Quite a humble proposal. Helping people who helps others to learn, understand and use EOS as a currency. People from Venezuela would truly appreciate if this proposal is chosen. Upvote!