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Wallet Hacked, Uniswap EOS scam, Any luck to retrieve EOS staked?


I found that my wallet was hacked through a link that showed up on my block explorer. They seem to have changed my active public key and I can no longer sign transactions through my Anchor wallet. I have most of my EOS staked and a few on my wallet which still hasn’t been transferred by the hacker, not sure why. I am trying to check if I still happen to have any luck transferring my EOS tokens to a safer account/wallet.

I am fairly new to the EOS blockchain, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. Regards

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Sadly, these types of phishing attacks are pretty common and catch a lot of users. I am assuming the website asked you to paste a private key of some kind? Anchor itself will put huge warnings on any type of request involving these actions - so I can only assume you either bypassed those or pasted a private key directly.

As for recovery - if they changed both your active and owner keys, sadly there’s not much anyone can do about it. Those keys are what control the account and only the individual with those keys can perform actions. If you’re unsure if both were changed, either check an explorer or feel free to share the account name and I can take a look.

I wish I had better news for ya!

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I bought UNI tokens with EOS following the link of uniswap.org. but did not receive UNI . have i been cheated? Thanks admin.

You may have been. To my knowledge, Uniswap and EOS don’t have any association, though there are some scams floating around claiming it does.

I clicked one button thought it was to get the airdrops on bloks.io and now it says I do not own my eos account. I thought it happened before and I fixed it but maybe now. I can’t find a way to now.

There’s a lot of scams in the memo’s of transfers that you’ll see in explorers.

If it was a site you visited and shared your seed/private key with, or logged in with Scatter and signed a malicious transaction, there’s not much you can do.

If you’re unsure if your keys were changed, I can take a look, I’d just need to know the account name and network in question.