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Eden on EOS Bylaw Vision Temple Section Proposal

:key: Don’t forget to Elect Douglas Butner CD in Eden election July 9, 2022 to see these changes proposed officially for ratification by CDs

Vision Temple is a proposed section of the Eden bylaws. Vision Temple is non-binding, and provides the benefit of communicating to any external or internal party what we’re doing here at Eden.

What is it?

A Vision Temple (sometimes called a Visual Business Plan) separates and communicates the goals of an organization. This is used as a means to keep internal actions and decisions on-track through a referenceable snapshot of why the organization exists and what it does. The Vision section describes a perfect world the organization seeks to help create. The Mission declares what the organization seeks to accomplish (non-specific). Pillars declare how that mission will be fulfilled through specific actions and strategies. This all rests on an unshakable Foundation, which if broken, should collapse the entire organization.

[Start of Vision Temple Section]

Vision Temple

Vision Statement
A world where groups of people are empowered to organize together for mutual benefit of the community, members, and themselves.

To create, maintain, and improve Eden software, while improving the value of EOS in terms of market valuation, positive-outlook media and communication, and by empowering leaders in the EOS ecosystem.


  • Bylaws reflecting the operation of Eden, including induction, member requirements, and how powers within Eden manifest.
  • Elections open to all members with each vote and group recorded on-chain (Add repeating or make another pillar)
  • Members with a biography and photo who pay a fee to join and follow the current Eden induction process.
  • Random processes for selecting group constituents and selecting Head Chief Delegates from elected Chief Delegates
  • Non-restrictive funding for leaders chosen through the Eden election process to further their activities benefiting EOS and/or Eden
  • Continual communication of Eden events to the public.

Empowered Equality

[End of Vision Temple Section]


According to informal polling conducted by Douglas Butner, there is no clear consensus (or even a 50% majority opinion) on what we are doing here at Eden, when polling for 1. Electing Leaders 2. Funding Projects or 3. Building + improving Eden. There is also no consensus for what “value” means, the one-word explanation of Eden’s purpose that exists in the current bylaws. This section in the bylaws answers these questions.


The most direct impact is to align members with the organization by increasing their knowledge about what we are doing. Secondly, this section will explain to newcomers exactly what Eden does (Pillars section) and why, so there’s no confusion. Finally, this vision temple will provide a sort of lens or reference point to compare proposed or completing actions to determine if they are true to the spirit of Eden, or serving an unknown goal thinly veiled by a bad actor seeking free EOS.


A person may use these talking points to better position themselves, while lacking conviction. Future growth into new avenues and opportunities may be inhibited if these new directions are not updated to reflect growth in community vision (summation of each individual member’s vision). This growth would only be inhibited if individual members take extreme actions against any idea that is not reflected in the vision temple (unlikely.)


CDs may adjust this section anytime.
Nothing in the Vision Temple is binding.
Adjusting vision temple as part of a larger strategy will increase the knowledgeability of this new strategy in both the member body and spectators.


Ideally, this vision temple is sourced from community members at regular intervals. Sourcing collective vision from community members requires additional collection of opinion than currently in the Eden process, though it could also be implied from looking at what people are voting for. I have no plans to implement this mechanism, as I believe it is outside the scope of Edenon EOS, and a well-written vision temple section that is editable by CDs should be a vast improvement in itself.

:key: Don’t forget to Elect Douglas Butner CD in Eden election July 9, 2022 to see these changes proposed officially for ratification by CDs

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