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VIGOR Protocol First Start { Open User Account }

Withdrawn Staked users VIG Tokens Explain
After 30 days of Stake VIG Tokens and then withdrawn users VIG tokens

Contract and push action :: vigorlending - asseout

usen: request user account
assetout: stake amount VIG
memo: stakerefund
Submit Transationβœ…

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Stake users account list::

Korean Explanation::Telegram: Contact @vigor_kr


make eos perfect project into top21. dfs,pizza,box,vigor, game etc


Is there a chinese VIG conmmunity?
Or I may have to creat one myself?

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Hi, @MaxCho, why Vigor Protocol allows only a certain number of free user account openings per day?

Chinese VIGOR Community already exists.
Follow up Peter Chen{(T.g handle - @bidatw , Moran (www.moran.link)}and EOSgo Community.

VIGOR Protocol is Global Finance Project
Therefore, the new users membership registration means the user consent of vigor protocol,and provides resources for all the records of the user’s usage data.
The membership of request account worth 30$ Stake VIG to register is not lost, stake vig tokens are one of the utility functions returned after 30 days

I get you.
Vigor is a complex system compared with Pizza and other defis. The UI is extremly important for user experience in Vigor, and I think the current UI is bad. Also increasing liquity of Vigor (Vigor/EOS or Vigor/USDT) should take into consideration ASAP.

vigor protocol preparing for the next update.
add more whitelist tkokems. like pETH…
The Ui update fully aware of the content. anyway there’s an order in the update

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you can add scan this QR code to add this person, she’ll take you into Vigor WeChat group. :slight_smile:

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