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Unstake Help Required

I am unable to unstake my EOS. I keep getting the following message: Error: billed CPU time (283 us) is greater than the maximum billable CPU time for the transaction (2 us)

I have 41, 10 unstaked. I am using the latest Simpleos wallet.

Help pleeeeeeese.

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I had to install Anchor wallet. Then put in your secret key to open the account on there. You can unstake it for free. The problem, I face is the unstaking is was fast but its still not showing in my account. Its in limbo to refund it back to me. that was 7 days ago. Starting to hate EOS. better projects out there at are easier to use and no this garbage.


Some solutions for ya there. There’s a button both in the resources section (within one of the expandable areas) as well as being able to use bloks or another web interface to do it.