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Unofficial 2nd Trial Eden Board – Kickoff Meeting – July 19 2021

Hello EOS,

The second trial mock Eden election top level of representatives (for now titled “The Board”) had a lengthy and productive discussion this afternoon. In our efforts of extreme transparency you will find below the notes from this meeting as well as a link to the unedited video capture for your review. This is the first of many communications from this Board as we embark on our mission to deliver maximum value and growth to Eden and EOS.

The video from this discussion can be found here.

The following are cleaned up notes from our meeting:

The Board has agreed upon the following to be our mission statement:

Develop an Eden on EOS organizational structure that is scalable, iterative, transparent, & collaborative with the entire EOS community.

Review of individual mandates:

Ami went over his EOS wallet/onboarding proposal titled - EOS in a Box
Next steps for Ami:
• Ami will write a draft with estimates of timeline, broken into different parts. People can help via what parts are available. Devs can help. Will do a github project.
• Aim to publish framework this week.
• Suggested seek feedback from Aarin H, Aaron C, and Daniel Keys (or delegate) on any concerns issues from using WebAuthN
• Set up TG group to discuss.

Felix reviewed his Content Creators initiative, which Felix thinks of as an “EOS human faucet”
Next steps for Felix:
• Working on vid asap for the Creator Now community, to see who’s interested for sponsorship from Eden On EOS
• Will set up a Zoom call with those interested about this to answer calls and get them going.
• Felix will first train these creators on how to open their own EOS wallet.
• Looking to have some content created in a week or at most 2. They have weekly video submission goals so this fits within that.

Chris reviewed his Eden Member’s Approved Proxy
Next steps for Chris:
• Over the next month we will reach out to BPs to extend a hand and open a line of communication.
• We will present all gathered info to the Eden Membership so they may have an informed opinion to rate/vote the BPs.
• Proxies will be established once sufficient effort has gone into making contact with the BPs and presented to the Eden community. The proxies are anticipated to start in a month.

Josh reviewed the bootstrapping of the EOS Support initiative (Randall Rolland’s project)
Next steps for Josh:
• Josh to donate his 110 EOS to this account…symbolic gesture.
• Josh will work with this focus group to set up this service and support made available.

Framework development for Eden on EOS:

We will use a “holacracy” structure vs a traditional hierarchical organizational structure.

The Super-Circles for Eden are listed below. Note that these are “offices” and not the traditional “officer” that we’re used to.
• CMO - Chief Marketing Office
• CFO - Chief Financial Office
• CVO - Chief Values Office
• COO - Chief Operations Office
• CEO - Chief Executive Office

A way to consider these structures is as follows:
• Rather than a Chief Marketing Officer (Individual) we have a Chief Marketing Office (Collective)
• Anyone can wear the Hats and Glasses to help invent/improve the Values, Marketing, Operations etc… of Eden on EOS.
• We will define the roles and allow the community to review these to find the place where they feel they can contribute and add value under the respective role requirements.

The following is an overview of the Super Circles and then what Sub-Circles we’ve come up with:

The next steps for this framework will be to refine each sub-circle with a more comprehensive description on the goals and deliverables of each. Then the roles and responsibilities will be drafted to allow the community to find their place based on their skills and interests. This will be completed in a series of larger group meetings over the next week.

A final structure with far more details on this is still to come which will include a better way to visualize this organizational approach.

We are of course very open to feedback and accept that with this very transparent approach we will expose ourselves to a lot of criticism. Don’t be offended if we ignore you for only criticizing and not attempting to offer solutions :wink: We are a solution-oriented group so try to help us with that.

Stay tuned for much more information on our progress and plans. For those that are looking to participate please let us know as we will need it!

Go EOS!!


Welcome new Eden board! Looks awesome!


Thanks for the report. I want definitely to participate and help :+1:



This is great. Having Offices rather than officers is brilliant! Really excited about the next couple of months. With this org structure (and member involvement) it will soon become clear to the BPs that Eden is ready to take responsibility for helping the network to fund itself. Great job Board Two! Good luck!


Required watching…


Congrats :clap: I love this holacracy framework.

It is obvious :slightly_smiling_face:, I will help (already). By doing coverage/follow-up of the Eden Board Member in Special Interviews EOSIO​:switzerland:Workshops, I have Chris&Ami in a Duo Interview, Joshua, Felix. The first publication will be this Saturday, July 24th at 1700 UTC on youtube! And announced on the telegram. We will cover that in a digested way!

So as I want to contribute to all this:

  • Workshops/interviews already planned for September 23rd, December🎄9 th. In 2022, workshops every 2 months (Status update: Eden on EOS, Pomelo, EOSTARTER, EOSMarketPlace… Clarion…and many contributors into the EOS(IO) Ecosystem).

  • The online collaborative platform mindweb

  • Synergize with the members of this board and enrich the “Eden Mindmap” by pointing branches to discussion topics

I want to contribute with the MindMap tool, mindweb.io (Eden mindmap is already accessible from Reddit eos) in building and MVP ready for Q4 2021.

EOSIO🇨🇭Workshops (since April 2020) and Mindweb on EOS are on the list of projects for Eden. I was ready to pitch and explain the value for Eden on EOS(I can’t on Saturday, July 17th, due to some zoom problems).
Here you find some resources:

My intent is not to market my stuff but instead showcase the value of Mindweb (I have had this in mind since July 2018) and now that we have a human layer on EOS (Eden), that’s the time I deliver that for the community. I don’t need funding but I will open my work to some donations in EOS. On the other side, I have some earning by learning(rewards) for the contributors with their Mindmap. Also the mindmap creators will have a NFT of their mindmap on EOS AtomicHub.


Very informative… well done