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Unable to import existing account / Login on GM website


I have a problem. I created an EOS account via Anchor on my mobile. I printed the certificate and on my mobile I can login to the Anchor app. But if I want to login on the GreyMass website on a Windows 10 system, I get the following error (see screenshot 1). When the website popups a QR code, I scan it with the mobile app, I enter my code and I get a confirmation on my mobile that the login is successfull. But on my Windows system I get the message on the screenshot (knipsel.png).

Also, if I install the Anchor Windows 10 program on my Windows system and I want to import an existing account using the QR-code on the certificate or by using the Mnemonic key it finds the account, but when the program tries to update the account the “update account loading screen” keeps on spinning. Nothing happens.

Can you help?



There’s really not much to do on the Greymass website, it’s possible there’s an issue there.

As for being able to import on desktop, that should work. Either send over an email to support@greymass.com or use our support portal at https://support.greymass.com to open a ticket. Please let us know what version of desktop it is, what network, and any other details you may be able to provide.