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Unable to burn Finney Coins on ATOMIC when EOS Account is linked to Hardware Wallet alone

Found a weird error.
I’ve been unable to burn Finney Coins on Atomichub on the EOS blockchain, when both my keys (active & owner) are linked to a hardware wallet.
In order to get around this error I’ve needed to change the active keys to something that ISNT my hardware wallet. Subsequently activating a hotwallet.
Everything works fine in Anchor, its AtomicHub that seems to dislike the signing with a hardware wallet, from what I can tell the problem is exclusive to the “burning” function in Atomichub, as I am able to login, list, and buy NFTS using the signature of the hardware wallet without a problem.

Here are the Atomichub errors:

Picture 2 with Anchor (blurred out any IDs for my own wellbeing)