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UAL-Scatter "authenticate" equivalent method for UAL-Anchor?

Hello, seems like I’m the first one posting on this section! Someone has to start, right?

I need to be sure my users have the identity they have. I need to send some arbitrary data and send it to my backend to verify the signature and log in the user (there is some off-chain data associated).

Using scatter I was using the authenticate method, but I can’t find the equivalent on Anchor. I’ll be doing it using UAL so I need a method that works with all the authenticators.

Thank you!

Our UAL plugin does not have an authenticate method you can call after logging in. You can however use ESR identity requests if you want to verify an user and forward the identity proof to your backend (or you could even setup the ESR callback to go directly to your backend from the users wallet).

That functionality does not exist when using the UAL plugin so you would need to use Anchor Link directly.

Another solution would be to have the user sign a “login” action after logging in that you don’t broadcast but instead submit to your backend to verify. That would work with UAL I think but would mean that the user would have to approve 2 requests in order to log in to your app.

To follow up regarding UAL, we do have exposing those identity proofs in the works.

This branch contains some new values on the activeUser (a signature, a tx, and a key) which can be used to verify the activeUser is actually who they say they are: GitHub - greymass/ual-anchor at surface-identity-proof

It hasn’t made it into a release version of UAL yet but just wanted to share here in the event someone searched for this and landed on this post :+1: