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🤔 Trouble with launching a new gaming platfrom on EOS

Hello friends! We are looking for help to promote our new gaming platform dedicated to EOS blockchain. I will point out right away that we don’t want to advertise it in this post but only to learn from more experienced users what we could do better.

We have been operating successfully on the HIVE blockchain for over 2 years now and decided to try our luck in another place. Since we believe EOS is probably the most promising project, and also our head developer is a big fan of it the choice was quite simple.

We started by setting up a Twitter profile and a few giveaways, plus we migrated some users from our Twitter profile for HIVE. We already have almost 400 followers but there are no new players. On Hive the case is simple because it is typically a social blockchain. However on EOS the community seems to be more spread out and that’ s why we have a problem with reaching new users.

The site itself is rather not a problem because it works in a similar form on HIVE and we have a dozen/s players every day. We also made a big update this week and added the option to log in with all major EOS wallets (Anchor, Scatter, Wombat, Token Pocket).

We will be launching campaigns on Dapp.com and State of Dapps in the next few days and we hope that this will increase our reach. However, we are still looking for hints on which EOS related sites we should create accounts and start promoting our platform? We would be very grateful for any tips you may have!

Best wishes
EOSgames.io Team


我是一名中国社区的用户。我们平时主要使用微信进行交流。如果说推广的平台的话,通常会联系主要的钱包方,钱包会在自己的App内做一个类似Apple app store的页面,用来推广,主要的钱包包括TokenPocket和Start。希望对你有帮助!

I am a user of the Chinese community. We usually mainly use WeChat for communication. If we are talking about platforms for promotion, we usually contact the main wallet parties, which will make a page similar to Apple app store within their own app for promotion, the main wallets include TokenPocket and Start. Hope it helps you!

Thank you for the reply! Can you recommend any interesting channels on wechat where players might be interested in such games? We would be happy to prepare some special offer just for them :slight_smile:

If you have WeChat, you can add me: lrchen1224