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Trezor Wallet & Block One

why is trezor not allowing REX or powerup of resources? I don’t mind paying for resources, and do not want to pay for a new wallet; often, I cannot buy CPU, cannot stake coins for CPU… Help? I realize there is the donation power up, but what happens if that is not there in the future. Also, I see bad reviews for Anchor and nano S wallets. What are peoples’ thoughts on the best as I want to have safe wallet that I can stake and buy resources with.

Thanks in advance!

Trezor as far as I’m aware doesn’t do much with EOS, and for comparison, neither does Ledger. These hardware companies are focused on generic solutions that can secure your private keys and securely sign transactions rather than trying to let you actually do anything with them.

Ledger traditionally in the EOS/EOSIO space has seen much greater adoption than Trezor.

Anchor supports using a Ledger for any transaction, but it’s pretty difficult to setup a new brand new account to use one or even to convert your existing account. This is in part due to the fact that EOS itself isn’t easy to get setup and requires you to create and pay for an account. I expect many of the bad reviews you are seeing are because of this - it’s hard no matter what you do to setup an EOS account.

If you want to use a Ledger or Trezor directly with a web wallet, bloks.io is always an option. EOSAuthority.com also offers direct support for the Ledger. If you’re prefer a non web interface, Anchor like I mentioned works, and unfortunately there aren’t many options beyond that.

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Thank you @aaron
Appreciate it