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Transfer USDT and other tokens to Anchor

Good Day everyone :slight_smile:

I fail to understand and find information on what tokens can be transferred to Anchor and how.
More precicely, Iโ€™m wondering how to transfer USDT from Binance to my Anchor Wallet, if possible.

Any help and/or links to documentation on this is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Anchor itself is just an application that helps you manage your blockchain-based account. Your account on the blockchain itself is what holds the tokens, with Anchor giving you the ability to perform actions.

To send any sort of token, you just send it to your account name. If you were withdrawing the EOS token from Binance to your account, youโ€™d enter the account name in the Binance withdraw system.

Just to list some examples of accounts: our block producer account is teamgreymass, and we have other accounts like funds.gm for pooling funds and donations.gm to accept donations on.

EOSIO blockchains (like EOS) arenโ€™t like many other blockchains, since we use account names instead of public keys.

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Thanks you that was helpful o/

I already sent EOS from binance to my EOS account but, to be clear, can I do the same with other coins like USDT, use the account name as adress ? Is it limited to ETH-based tokens ?

So long as they are EOS-based tokens, yeah the process would be the same.