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Transfer Token Error to new WAX Account


I have just set up and imported a second WAX account (with a custom name) into Anchor Wallet (windows desktop 1.2.4). I am getting this error when I transfer a test amount of WAX:
“Not allowed, node has api-accept-transactions = false”


What does this mean? Is there a setting I have to configure in the new WAX account that I am trying to send to?

Hrm, any chance you’ve changed the API that Anchor uses?

I’m trying to reproduce this scenario and I can’t seem to figure out why this would be happening.

I have the same issue, I changed the wax API to “https://api.waxeastern.cn” since It has the lowest delay.

If I change it to https://api.waxsweden.org it works.

It’s possible the APIs you’re configuring Anchor to use aren’t setup properly. I can’t vouch for the waxeastern.cn API endpoint and I don’t know how its setup - but its not surprising that waxsweden.org does work.

If you’re changing the API - this is just something you’ll have to try. We don’t have control over those other APIs.

Thanks for the clarifying answer aaron. I’ll just keep it at waxsweden. I just put in the other one since the API test showed it as fastest. Have a great week!

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