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Transfer eos token from metamask to binance

how can i transfer eos token from metamask to binance. if somebody knows please help me

There’s not enough information to answer your question, because we aren’t sure if these are ICO tokens, wrapped tokens, or why they are in Metamask exactly. I’d recommend browsing through these various articles about Metamask and EOS, and if you have further questions, feel free to ask EOS Support!


Thank you for your reply and guidance.
Some time ago, I bought some eos tokens from the Binance exchange and transferred them to Metamask wallet according to instruction mentioned in this article:

Now I want to transfer the token to the Binance exchange, but I don’t know how to do this transfer. Based on the instructions in following article I transferred some eos token :
But I encountered the “Dropped” message and the transfer did not take place. Please guide me how to transfer my tokens back to Binance. I could not get the answer to my problem through eos support.

Have you gotten a way out with this yet? I’m in same situation as you