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Transfer Eos from https://eosauthority.com/

Hi there

I’m facing challenges transferring the Eos that I’ve held from 2017 from my https://eosauthority.com/ wallet onto my Exodus Wallet, via the Anchor Wallet.

  • My Anchor Wallet is connected to my Exodus Wallet
  • But when I try to transfer from my eosauthority.com wallet to my Anchor Wallet, I the attached Transaction failed message on the Anchor interface: “missing authority of [eosauthority wallet name]”

So the question is, how to I authorize my given eosauthority wallet to transfer my Eos across to my Anchor Wallet (& my Exodus Wallet)?


It sounds like it may not be correctly setup in Anchor.

Did you by chance use the manual import when you set it up? It’s very possible something wasn’t input correctly during that process and you’ll have to import the account again.

So long as you have your private keys backed up safely, go into Manage Wallets and remove the account. Import it again using the “Import via Private Key” method and it should set it up correctly.

Thanks Aaron.

I’ve deleted my Exodus Wallet on Anchor.

So to set-up Anchor with my given eosauthority wallet, I’ll need the eosauthority wallet private key?

My eosauthority wallet looks to provide an “owner” & “active” key. Anchor looks to need the private key.

Any idea how I access (or generate?) my eoswallet private key?

Just clear a few things up, since I think the terms you’re using might be a source of confusion.

  • Exodus is an EOS wallet that holds your private keys.
  • Anchor is an EOS wallet that holds your private keys.
  • EOSAuthority is a website you can interact with using Anchor, and doesn’t know your private keys.
  • Public Keys start with EOS and can be seen in the screenshot above.
  • Private Keys start with the number 5 and you should have in your possession (in a wallet, backup file, both).

If you are going to use Anchor, you’ll need to import the private keys for your account into it. You can have the same private keys in both Anchor and Exodus to manage the same account. In the most simpel terms, your private keys are like special passwords to access your account.

You don’t generate private keys to access an existing account, you should have them already. If your keys are in Exodus but not Anchor, you’d have to export them from Exodus and import them into Anchor.

Once Anchor is setup to use your accounts, you can log in to EOSAuthority using Anchor and use their tools. Anchor acts like a super secure password manager in that situation.

Thanks for the comprehensive response Aaron.

I think I may be asking the wrong question.

  • Taking a step back, I bought Eos back in 2017. And then forgot about it.
  • In 2021, I tracked my Eos down using my Eos token ID. And “searched/found” it on the eosauthority.com website.
  • I haven’t saved the original private keys for the Eos I bought back in 2017.

I’m now stuck on accessing the Eos on eosauthority. It’s a relatively small amount (currently $800). But regardless would be good to understand my options.

Thanks again for your time on this.

Was this a purchase when EOS was still on ETH, or after the mainnet launched? I think Exodus supported both back then.