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Transaction declares authority ,"permission":"owner"}', but does not have signatures for it under a provided delay of 0 ms, provided permissions

Hey everyone !
Looked up on forum and tried to solve my problem before posting.
So this is my situation. I created an eos account and wax account through Wombat App.
For x reasons I tried to change my owner and active keys on both blockchain and I didn’t get new private keys for these new keys, and can’t change it back so now I’m stuck with 2 accounts that I can’t use to do transactions.
Here are my account :
Eos wallet : imako.ftw
Wax wallet : imakojlh1111
I still have my previous private keys. I know that the problem is because I’m trying to sign with account A using account B so it doen’t work. Just want to know how to reverse it.
Sorry for your inconvenience.
Thanks in advance